High web series review

In the last couple of days, you might have seen the news regarding drugs and all that stuffs on tv news channels. But if you missed watching Rhea Chakraborty’s arrest and all high voltage drama led by news channels over celebrities, then MX player has brought a new opportunity for you through the ‘High’ web series.

The OTT platform has taken the full benefit of the present situation by making a series on drug trafficking. Just a day ago the crime drama has released over MX Player and viewers are giving it pretty well responses. Let’s know the MX Players’ High web series review.

How Is The Plot, Cast, Music, And Direction Of MX Player’s High?

1. High Web Series Storyline

In the series, you will witness a story that is based on the freshly explored illicit drug ‘Magic’. The story is split into two eras. The first era begins in 1970 that shows us a context of recent times. This era mainly narrates a tale of a doctor and his three companions who are searching for a certain herb in a jungle that they are going to use for the treatment of Alzheimer’s.

While the current timeline shows us about a drug freak Shiv (Akshay Oberoi) who is going through drug-consuming habits. He and his three medical buddies have discovered a fresh drug whose name is ‘Magic’. Now, this drug tablet is interrupting the unlawful drug business and it will shortly catch fire in the market.

But there are several big names behind this ‘magic’ drug-like a CEO of a pharmacy company, Bombay’s drug Mafia, an investigator, and a reporter.

2. High Web Series Cast Performances

High web series review

The web series is a power-packed drama and specially made for crime show lovers. Are you a crime drama lover? Well, I’m so and that’s why I watched all 9 episodes of the High in just a single day. Now, If I talk about the performances of actors, they are just phenomenal.

You will be impressed after seeing the acting of Akshay Oberoi. He has given an eye-catching performance through his role as Shiv(a drug addict). It shows that he has done a lot of hard work to merge himself into that particular character. While on the other hand, Ranvir Shorey has again shown an example of banging acting.

Apart from both of them Shweta Basu Prasad, Nakul Bhalla, Kunal Naik, Mrinmayee Godbole, and Prakash Belawadi have played their quite effectively.

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3. High web series Script Analysis

High web series review
The writers have done a fantastic job, they have made a gripping story that holds the audience to screen till the final episode of the series. You can say that High is just similar to its name. It is a deadly combination of powerful script and dominant acting.

It begins from a fascinating point with a rip-roaring starting episode. It mainly brings the interest of viewers by showing the in-depth story of the drug-spreading world. But as we all know ‘A Coin Has Two Sides’, this proverb applies here also.

The first episode of the High is quite appealing and as the story proceeds further we don’t find new adventurous twists that we people generally expect in such type of series. You can say the first impression of the drama is quite charming but it fails to maintain the same level of charm in the further episodes.

Also, after 2-3 episodes the series becomes quite predictable for the audience. Therefore, I will say there is a lack of suspense in a series somewhere. But still we applause the job of Nikhil Rao because there aren’t many flaws in his work.

He has framed the story is a well-mannered way but there are some things that could have been better. But on the other hand, he has also written banging dialogues for the cast of the series which instantly pick the attention of viewers. They fill a great level of excitement in the nerves of people.

5. Music And Direction Analysis

High web series review

Dipanjan Guha has created the music for High web series episodes, we can say he has done an incredible job. He has made the music intense and as per the requirements of the scenes. His work has added a precious value to uplift the rating of the High episodes.

Nikhil Rao is also the director of the crime drama. He has taken shots of the scenes very carefully and without committing major mistakes. Along with directors and Music, a big credit goes to cinematographers too. KU Mohanan and John J Payyapalli have included in-depth intensity to the scenes.

Their magnificent work on cinematography helps to appeal to the minds of viewers. Their dedication and efforts deserve a bunch of appreciation.

How To Watch High All Episodes Free?

High web series review
Overall, High is a must-watch thriller crime drama. If you are now planning to watch the episodes of the series then I can tell you how to watch all episodes without paying any cost? Wanna know? Let me tell you how it is possible.

Firstly, let me clear you one thing that the OTT platform doesn’t take any fees from its users to show them movies and web series. It offers fully free service to its users. To use it you just simply need a good internet connection. Then you have to download the official app of the MX player.

Thereafter, you have to sign-up for it using your mobile number. Also, if you don’t want to sign up then don’t do it as it is not compulsory. You just search the name of the High web series on it. And then you can start watching the episodes absolutely free.

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