Heartland Season 15 Release Date

Heartland is a popular Canadian show that aired on CBC on 14th October 2007 and in the United States on The CW as well as on Retro TV. Due to the packed timetable, the showrunners delivered only one progressive season of the drama every year. So far 14 seasons of the series have arrived which makes it one of the biggest shows in Canada. Because of Netflix people residing in different nations of the world have been able to watch the thriller.

Even though all of its episodes have achieved multiple milestones, the drama is still refusing to deaccelerate. In January 2021, the 14th edition of the series has started streaming on the Canadian Network and soon it will be released on Netflix for worldwide fans. Now, many Canadian fans have finished watching the 14th version of this thriller and they have curiosities to know the fortune of Heartland Season 15. So, let’s see what decisions showrunners have taken for the upcoming season –


Will There Be A Season 15 Of Heartland?

Heartland Season 15 release date


The 12th and 13th installments of the drama were launched in 2019 in the months of January and September. Now, the 14th season arrived exactly one year after the wrap-up of the 13th season. If the series follows this sequence as it was doing in past years then season 15 should arrive in September 2021. If it maintains its ratio of one season per year then season 15 can be out by the beginning of 2022.

Presently, neither Netflix nor CBC has revealed any information about Heartland seasonn15 release date. It’s seeming that we won’t be given any updates about season 15 until the termination of the 14th season. If season 14 has 10 episodes similar to last season then its last episode will be streamed close to 21st March 2021. If you are a Non-Canadian resident then you must be wondering when you will get to see Heartland season 15.

It’s looking that the 15th edition of this thriller won’t be released on Netflix before the end of 2022. Twelveth, as well as the fourteenth season, was launched on Netflix in February 2021, which is almost 2 years late than its official release date. So, as per this, there will be at least 1 year of the gap between the launch dates of the show on CBC and Netflix.


How Will Heartland Season 15 Plot Be?

Heartland Season 15 release date

At the starting of the 14th season, Ty passes away when he faces a strong vein thrombosis. With each passing episode, the consequence of his demise can be easily seen in the 14th season. Definitely, season 14 hasn’t finished yet but a load of Ty’s demise can’t be solved in a few groups of episodes. Most probably its effects will carry forward to 15th season episodes.

Another complex factor is the reality that Ty and Amy have a baby cooperatively whose name is Lyndy. It’s a big challenge for Amy to develop that child in the absence of Ty. I think it will be the main story point of Heartland season 15 episodes. The highlighting thing in season 14 is Amy’s sister who is handling the office of the city’s council of Hudson, the city where the drama occurs.

Simultaneously, Georgia Lou’s adopted daughter wants to go to the Olympics as a trick rider. However, the growth that is going to happen in season 14 can change these character’s storylines, as much as we know they will continue in one way or another in Heartland season 15. So, in any case, the upcoming season won’t be less in terms of thrill and adventure in comparison to previous seasons.

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Who Will Be Part Of Heartland Season 15 Cast?

Heartland season 15 release date

Even though some characters of the series have been altered in recent times, the lead stars have almost remained constant in most seasons of the Heartland. Amber Marshall as Amy Fleming has been seen in the entire series. She has delivered an amazing performance in the show. Her incredible acting skills have helped the show to create the desired impact in the minds of viewers. So, she deserves big credit for her classy performance.

Apart from her most of the actors have also remained unchanged. It’s seeming that this time too they will return to reprise their roles. However, you won’t get to see Chris Potter in Heartland Season 15 episodes because he has been ruled out from the series due to some changes in the plot of 14th’s season. Apart from him, major characters are going to be the same. According to this the cast of the upcoming season will be as –

  • Amber Marshall will play her role as Amy Fleming Michelle Morgan.
  • Michelle Morgan will deliver her role of Samantha Louise Lou Fleming Morris.
  • Shaun Johnston will display the character of Jackson(Jack) Bartlett.
  • Alisha Newton will portray the character of Georgina (Georgie), Fleming Morris.
  • Chris Potter will present the character of Timothy(Tim) Fleming.
  • Kerry James will play his role of Caleb O’Dell.
  • Gabriel Hogan will deliver his role of Peter Walter Morris.
  • Nathaniel Arcand will portray the character of Scott Cardinal.
  • Jessica Steen will display the character of Elizabeth(Lisa) Stillman Bartlett.
  • Ziya Matheson will present the character of Katie Fleming Morris.
  • Jessica Amlee will play her role as Mallory Wells Anderson.
  • Cindy Busby will deliver her role of Ashley Stanton.
  • Graham Wardle will portray the character of Tyler Ty Borden.
  • Jade Hassouné will display the character of Prince Ahmed Al Saeed.
  • Maxim Roy will present the character of Miranda Grenier.
  • Rhys Ward will deliver his role of Jeremy Hughes.
  • Vinessa Antoine will play her role of Nicole.
  • Lisa Langlois will be seen as Marion Bartlett Fleming Lou.
  • Siobhan Williams will portray the character of Jamie Lewis.
  • Wesley MacInnes will present the character of Austin Mars.
  • Kristin Fairlie will be seen as Tara.

How Many Episodes Will Be In Heartland Season 15?

Heartland season 15 release date

So far 8 episodes of season 14 have been released including –

  • Episode 1: Keep Me in Your Heart
  • Episode 2: The Last Goodbye
  • Episode 3: Making Amends
  • Episode 4: Through the Smoke
  • Episode 5: Outsiders
  • Episode 6: The New Normal
  • Episode 7: Courage
  • Episode 8: Changing Gears

And many are on the way. Creators haven’t disclosed any information about the episodes of the upcoming season, but you might have observed that in the last 2-3 launched seasons there were 10-10 episodes. So, as per this, the forthcoming season should also have 10 episodes. However, we are just making a prediction, the real information will be known after the launch of the series.


Is There Any News Of Heartland Season 15 Trailer?


Season 14 hasn’t yet released on Netflix. It will be launched in the upcoming few months. So, we will have to wait for a long time to watch the 15th season as it is far away and the trailer will arrive almost a month before Heartland Season 15 release date. So, till then you can watch the previous season’s trailer inserted above. If any new information about the 15th season arrives we will let you know.

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