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Have you watched the ‘Flesh’ web series or you are planning to watch it? If you haven’t watched it maybe you were waiting to see ‘Flesh review’ before you watch the web series. Do you witness any new thing regarding web shows and movies from past years to now? You may agree with the fact that initially there were only few OTT platforms who were popular for web series and shows,

But now within 1-2 years, OTT platforms number has increased exponentially. Since the number of OTT platforms has increased rapidly, almost every week new web shows are releasing over them. You know very well that recently a new web series Flesh has been released over eros now. So,


Let’s Know What Are Key Points Of The Flesh Season 1

1. Impressive Story

Flesh review

The story of Flesh season 1 revolves amind two cities i.e Kolkata and Mumbai. Zoya a teenage girl whose age is just 16 years has been kidnapped by a man from whom Zoya talked on her Instagram handle. Now, she has become a new prey of their human deal team that is guided by Shuvo.

Niketan and Taj are partners of Shuvo in this illegal work. After the kidnapping, the news reaches to Radha(Swara Bhasker) and she gets the task to inspect the whole case. Radha is a firm police cop and her law smashing habit often leads to increasing problems.



Apart from this, some more kids comprising brave Rajji and her sibling whose name is Rajat has become prey to a duo of kidnappers. After watching all this Radha says he won’t leave those ruthless molesters, she would firstly catch them then kill them. But thereafter Radha doesn’t behave seriously to Zoya’s kidnapping and also she faces hard times to solve the case.

Due to her starting incapabilities, the pain of Zoya increases during the case. Now, along with several women’s Zoya is moved to a new place that increases her problems more throughout the journey.

Flesh season 1 depicts the ruthless crimes that exist in our society. It shows how some selfish people for the sake of their profit does business with the bodies of females. The series shows one of the hardest and unbelievable crimes that happen in our society in a very cruel manner.

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2. Super Acting By the Flesh Season 1 Caste

 (i) Swara Bhaskar

Flesh review

What I felt while watching the Flesh web series is the dedication that Swara put on her role as Radha Nautiyal (Police Cop). The way in which she played the role of a loyal, Police officer is just superb. Before acting in Flesh, she has acted in several super hit movies like Prem Ratan Dhan Payo, Tanu Weds Manu, and Tanu Weds Manu Return.

If you remember a few times back his ‘Rasbhari’ web series was released over amazon prime video. It had created a lot of controversies just after its release. There was a sensitive scene in the ‘Rasbhari season 1‘ that created fire among all internet users. Because of this series, he became the target of many people in India.


(ii) Akshay Oberoi

Flesh review
If you haven’t watch Flesh season 1, you will see him in the character of Taj who is a leader in the world of human exploitation. You will surely appreciate his efforts that he put into the character of Taj. Before signing Flesh Akshay has acted in other web series. You could have seen him in the web series like It’s Not That Simple, Bar Code, The Test Case, and Selection Day.

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(iii) Mahima Makwana

Flesh review

She has played the character of an adolescent girl who is just 16 years old. His name is Zoya in the web series. Do you know that the actual age of Mahima is just 21 years old, and the most interesting fact about her is at this very young age he has acted in approx 10+ TV shows?

Even if you are thinking that this is her 1st web series you are wrong. Before becoming the part of Flesh season 1 cast she made her debut through the web series Rangbaaz season 2 that was released over Zee5 last year.


(iv) Vidya Malvade

Flesh review

Vidya Malvade has played the character of Reba Gupta who is a mom of Zoya and spouse of Yudhishtir Urs. Vidya started his career from the year 2003, but he faced several failures in the initial stages of his life, and thereafter if you remember you could have seen him in Shahrukh Khan’s Chak De India that was released 2007.

It was through this movie she attained growth in her career. Before acting in Flesh season 1 she was part of a movie like Dus Tola, 1920: Evil Returns, Yaara Silly Silly, Heartbeats, etc. She has entered as a contestant in Fear Factor Khatron Ke Khiladi.

Along with these stars, Shekhar Gupta and Siddhant Behl are also part of Flesh season 1. While Shekhar has played the character of Yudhishtir Urs, who is a Dad of Zoya and hubby of Reba Gupta and Siddhant Behl has played the role of assistant of DCP, Radha Nautiyal.

3. Decent IMDb ratings of Flesh

Flesh review

One of the most interesting facts regarding Flesh season 1 is that it has got only 5.8 stars on the IMDb which indicates that viewers don’t have shown much interest in watching part 1 of the series.

Here is how twitter user responded on Flesh review:





By the way, the shooting of flesh web series has been done nicely, the direction is also very good. Hence overall if we talk about flesh review it is a decent web series to watch. If you are a fan of Swara Bhasker then you should watch Flesh at least one time.

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