The Flash Season 9 ending explained

Whenever an iconic series comes to a halt, there is always a deep hollow space left behind in the viewers’ hearts. No wonder that happened when one of the most-watched series of the last decade, The Flash, came to an end after running for 09 seasons and 09 years.

The thing that Fiferst can surely say about the series is that it sure did NOT end in a flash. It took its sweet time to end. However, the viewers who may have missed some important details in the middle of the show or in between the seasons may still have reasonable doubts about how the series unfolded toward its conclusion.

No worry about that, because Fiferst is about to cover just that.

But behold!

Before actually moving to the part where we have explained Flash Season 9 ending, it is important to make sure that you are aware of the basic terminology used in the series. So, let’s first refresh a little of our memory about the series and its terminology, and then, let’s dive into Flash Season 9, Ending Explained.

Note: If you have everything off the top of your head and think that you do not need to jog your memory, skip this part and jump directly to Flash Season 9 Ending Explained.

What is Flash – An Era—an Iconic Character.

The poster of The Flash series.
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With a whopping number of 184 episodes, Flash can be one of the most beloved series ever made that aired on The CW. The makers and producers of the show are Greg Berlanti, Geoff Johns, and Andrew Kreisberg.

We are pretty sure you know, but we must mention that the series is a spin-off of Arrow – who exists in the same universe, the Arrowverse.

The story of the show follows a crime investigator named Barry Allen, who gains superhuman abilities and fights crime in the United States.

Well, he’s not alone. He works with others who have also gained those abilities.

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Flash Season 9 Ending Explained – Revealing the Secrets of the Arrowverse!

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The complete series somehow, somewhere, pointed towards a confrontation between Barry and Cobalt Blue. And when that happened, in season 9, Flash ended in the same season.

The largest absentee from Barry’s Arrowverse rogues’ gallery eventually faced a battle against the Scarlet Speedster after being hinted at in the season 8 finale. After years of speculation about Eddie Thawne possibly evolving into Cobalt Blue, the character’s entire transformation into the antagonist was revealed in the series’ last episode.

The ending of the show has also indicated the ending of something great as Grant Gustin (Barry) takes a step back from the roles and responsibilities of being Flash.

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Here is what happened in Flash Season 9 Ending (a breakdown):

1. Barry’s Strongest Opponents Are Given a Rebirth!

The Flash Poster | The Flash Season 9 ending explained
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As the face-off between Barry and Cobalt Blue comes closer and closer, it is discovered that 4 of the biggest opponents of our Protagonist Barry I provided a rebirth!

Those 4 opponents are Savitar, Zoom, Godspeed, and Tom. The key to this statement is how they were restored or brought back into the show is not clearly explained, but they are there.

One can only speculate that it happened because of some abilities that Eddie Thawne has.

You might also be interested in hearing that Barry was unaffected by them throughout the previous season. Barry’s crew takes care of those opponents. Even though they were the main villains in the previous seasons, all of them in the 9th season of the show were taken down pretty easily.

Godspeed was vanquished by Cecile, Savitar was easily dispatched by XS, and the Reverse-Flash was handled by Allegra. After they were defeated, Cobalt Blue’s true motivation for bringing them back became clear. It turned out he craved their speed more than anything else.

He was crippled by Jay Garrick, then strengthened by absorbing the speed of the vanquished criminals.

2. The Flash Concludes his Fight with The Negative Speed Force.

Cobalt Blue’s scheme to extract energy from the Negative Speed Force, as Team Flash stated, would lead to his demise, virtually reenacting Reverse-Flash’s demise in the season 8 finale. Barry entered the Negative Speed Force, risking the end of the universe, to prevent this result.

After having some more discussions with Khione, Barry persuaded Cobalt Blue to abandon the plan he was developing. Barry ended his series-long war with the Negative Speed Force by averting combat rather than outright defeating Cobalt Blue.

Listening to the advice that was given, it was suggested that the fight with the Negative Speed Force can never come to a halt because it was suggested, the Negative Speed Force would come back in new shapes and forms.

3. What Would Be Eddie Thawne’a Future?

After the protagonist’s best efforts, it was made sure that Eddie Thawne was not dead. He is still alive, but looks like he hasn’t made friends with Barry at all.

Though you might want to note that he “looks happy, “, he still believes that Barry robbed him of his life.

Before he left the scene, he told Barry that they are still two opposite poles of a magnet, which implied that he will still be the antagonist in the coming days of the series.

But he might not attempt to change the whole timeline. Although his words indicate that there will be some drama in the coming season that will continue beyond the ending of Flash season 9.

4. The No Show of Killer Frost and The Surprise Visit By Caitlin Snow

As Khione becomes a goddess in the ending, looks like Eddie was not the only one who got the rebirth.

Putting this in the story opens up the possibility of the return of someone who hits close to home.

Yes, that’s right. The comeback of Caitlin Snow!

It was believed at the beginning of the season that the character, Caitlin Snow, died off-screen, and no simple reason was provided for the death.

But towards the end of the season, it was revealed that the character did not was dead, but she was alive.

What made this possible was the fact that Khione becomes a goddess. She no longer need a corporeal form after leaving Earth, which gave Caitlin back control.

But you might want to note that killer frost was not. Brought back to the show. It is later admitted by Caitlin that the efforts that she was making to bring Killer Snow back to life were not, in fact, natural. And that is why her death was irreversible.

Now that Caitlin is back in the show, she can begin serving as a member of Team Flash once again.

5. 3 New Heroes!

To create a “better” world, Barry has picked up new people to become the speedsters in the coming future of the Earth. They are Jess Chambers, Max Mercury, and Avery Ho.

You may also remember that Avery Ho was also shown as a potential love interest of Bart Allen in the 8th season of the show, but she never made an appearance again in that particular season.

Barry’s sighting of a “Max” in the Speed Force during season 8 served as an indication as to Max Mercury’s existence. In the Arrowverse, Jess Chambers is a completely new character.

They all have ties to DC Comics. Max, additionally referred to as Quicksilver, was first published in 1940, predating the Marvel character of the same name. He is one of DC’s first Speedster heroes.

While Max is a predated hero, Jess and Avery are comparatively new characters whose mentions can be found in China’s very own version of Flash in 2016.

All three individuals will have the chance to adopt superhero alter personas in the future, based on The Flash’s conclusion. Earth-Prime will have many speedsters outside of Central City protecting it with them on hand.

6. What About Barry? What About THE FLASH?

Grant Gustin might never don the Flash costume again unless a cameo on Superman & Lois or another DC production is miraculously accomplished. However, Barry Allen will continue to serve as the Flash on Earth-Prime even if that doesn’t happen, as The Flash season 9 has made evident.

When Nora alluded to another major conflict taking place when Bart was born, she highlighted one of Barry’s upcoming problems as the Flash. Barry will still need to pay attention to new dangers long after The Flash has concluded, even though his fight with the Negative Speed Force may have been won.

FAQs | Flash Season 9 Ending Explained

1. What happens at the end of The Flash Season 9?

The complete circle event in the series occurs in Season 9 when Barry reveals his abilities and his legacy. Barry can now spend time with his family while still safeguarding the city, albeit from a distance.

2. Is there going to be The Flash Season 10?

No, as of now, there is no possibility of The Flash Season 10.

3. Who are the new Speedsters in Flash Season 9?

Max Mercury, Avery Ho, and Jess Chambers are the new Speedsters mentioned in The Flash Season 9.

4. Is Cobalt Blue a Speedster?

Yes, he is a speedster. He is also Barry’s evil brother – aha! What a classic!

5. Who are the most skilled Speedsters ever?

Barry Allen and Wally West are the most skilled speedsters ever.

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