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A lot of students love receiving assignments like that. What’s there not to like? You get to watch your favorite movie one more time and spend a few hours writing about it. Writing such a paper can obviously be easier and more pleasant than scribbling on other topics that do not capture your interest.

Well, in reality, it is not as simple as that. It will require a lot of work, analytical as well as critical skills from your end. For one, students should try to remain unbiased. Secondly, you still need a topic to pick and cover. Finally, any academic paper still requires a certain structure, research, and style.

So, here’s how to write an essay on your favorite movie.

Watch it at least twice

First of all, you should watch a chosen movie at least twice before writing an essay on it. The first time is always just for pleasure. Viewers are often compelled by the plot, character, and actions, so they miss out on small details and the other contributors that make up a good movie. The first watch is always for making an impression. 

However, the second time is for analyzing, comparing, and paying attention to other factors like the directorial decisions, lights, operators’ work, etc. This is when you choose to give a critical and unbiased review of a movie. Also, this turn is for remembering more details and worthy moments that you can use in an essay to make it more effective.

In fact, keep in mind to grab a pen and a notebook next time around. Feel free to make notes during the movie. Perhaps write down several quotations that you can later use in the text. Just make sure not to forget to note the time frame of those quotations. 

Briefly recite the plot

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A nice but brief summary of the movie will be a practical start for the paper. Thus, you should start by telling what this movie is all about, when it was made, and by whom. Next, mention the genre and actors who play the main characters. Perhaps describe how well they have managed to execute their jobs.

Follow it with the description of the time period, location, general settings, and main idea of the movie. You could also summarize the main events and character building in the movie. Explain why those moments and progression matter. End your essay with the general opinion about the movie along with the main lesson that it strives to present before its viewers. 

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Cover the good and the bad

Of course, we are talking about your favorite movie here. Still, it does not mean that this movie is absolutely perfect, and you have nothing to complain about. Sure enough, there must be some tiny flaws that you can cover in a paper. By doing so, you also show your analytical skills and unbiased opinions. Besides, you point out that despite of its flaws, this movie is still capable of becoming your favorite.

Develop an angle

A girl is writing something on notebook
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You do not want to explain the movie or recap the whole film in your text. You are not writing a description or a detailed recital. You are writing an essay. Hence, you should have a theme and a thesis statement. These two elements differentiate a regular text from an academic paper. So, think over what you want to talk about regarding this movie. 

The plot and setting of the movie should give you an idea or two about the theme that you can cover in your essay. So, ponder over what topic this movie covers, and how you can use it in a paper. For example, Titanic (1997) covers important socioeconomic and gender issues. Thus, it speaks of inequality between social classes, poverty, abuse, relationships, and more.

One can even stretch it to such topics as women’s emancipation and self-discovery. Overall, one movie can be a foundation for several interesting themes for an academic assignment. Your goal is to find the most appealing, relative, and engaging point of them all. 

After finding a theme, you also need a topic. Hence, you should seek a more narrow-angle within the theme. For example, if you want to talk about the gender inequality portrayed in Titanic, you can analyze the time period when all the action took place. Make a comparison of that time period with the modern times or analyze the gender laws of the time, highlighting the oppression of women. 

Don’t focus too much on emotions

Our favorite movie always brings a lot of emotions to us. However, a college essay is not the right place for giving a vent to so much emotions. Students could mention how the movie makes them feel but it should not be a repetitive thing.

Overall, academic writing expects you to put your emotions out of the equation. Of course, if you think that it is too much, find professional help and pay for homework online. Use the free time to watch other movies in the same directory while the professionals take care of your assignment. 

Edit it

Lastly, you need to edit this essay just like any other essay that you’ve written. So, start by proofreading in order to locate and correct any grammatical or typing errors that you might have made. Make sure to check all the names and dates that you put on the paper. Also, make sure that you have enough citations from the movie to support your arguments. Examine the essay for good clarity and word flow. Finally, make adjustments to the layout and structure when needed. 

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