DC Titans Season 3 release date

Titans is an American drama based on the squads of youngsters who have superpowers. They utilize these great powers to shield people from evil and offense. The story shows the collaboration of entire superheroes and their battle against a common foe and thereafter they also put their best efforts to eliminate the obstacles of their personal lives.

Fortunately, this story has become successful in making its position in the hearts of viewers. That’s why previously released two seasons have got splendid responses from people. A few days back HBO has announced the renewal of Titans Season 3. Now, After hearing this news fans can’t resist from asking about the Titans Season 3 release date.

So, let’s see what more has been revealed by HBO regarding the upcoming season for the enthusiastic and super-excited fans.

Has HBO Announced Release Date Of Titans Season 3 Release Date?

Manhunt Season 3 release date

The reports of Republic World, say that the release date of the forthcoming season has been declared and it will arrive by the last of 2021. Well, the exact date of launch is still unknown but it is seeming that it will be disclosed shortly. Now, you might be thinking why I’m so certain?

Actually, some days back ComingSoon revealed that the cast of the third season has begun filming for Titans Season 3. Series Cinematographer Boris Mojsovksi has posted a pic in his official Instagram handle from the sets of Titans Season 3.

He has embedded the image from the final day of shooting in 2020 for the third season. Below you can take a look at pic where Curran Walters can be seen smiling while giving a shot for the series.

Initially, there were plans to start the shooting for Titans Season 3 episodes in the first quarter of 2020 but due to the COVID-19 outbreak creators were forced to put a temporary suspension on it. Now, they are filming smoothly by adopting all precautionary measures against Coronavirus. So, it’s good news.

Hence, there is a maximum possibility that we may get a chance to see the third season before the end of 2021. HBO can announce the streaming date of next season in the coming few months. So, keep checking the latest updates of the series at frequent intervals.

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How Will Titans Season 3 Plot Be?

Manhunt Season 3 release date

In the previous season, we get to see a highly anticipated modification of Dick Grayson into Nightwing. He and Rose murder Deathstroke because Jericho entered Rose’s body. Blackfire consistently raids her sister Starfire and at the end of the season, she discovers a path to present herself physically on the Earth.

Mercy Graves indoctrinate Gar and Conner who are a part of Cadmus Labs, however, Rachel ultimately handles the condition in a proper way. Last season we see how Donna Troy lost her life while she was efforting to clasp that dropping electrical tower to save citizens.

Her corpse has been sent to Amazons and Raches decides to follow her as she thinks that her accelerating powers can play a major role in alive her. Bruce Wayne appears several times as a part of the psyche of some of the titans. Now, in Titans Season 3 episodes we can see more cliffhangers between siblings Blackfire and Starfire mainly because Starfire has lost its strength with passing time.

Also, it will be interesting to see how the situation changes between Rachel and the Amazons as she is throwing his best efforts to alive Rachel. Bruce’s presence in Titans can result in turning the storyline of the next season. Hence, there are multiple anticipations regarding the next season and that’s why it is looking that the forthcoming season will be crowded with action-packed and thrilling scenes.

Who Will Be Part Of Titans Season 3 Cast?

Manhunt Season 3 release date

One thing is clear that Curran Walters is again portraying the character of Jason Todd. Besides him, no further details have arrived about the cast of next season. But after seeing the ending of last season and reports of many trusted sources it is seeming that there won’t be any major changes in the cast of season 3.

As per this previous actors will reprise their roles in the third season too. However, there are also chances of the addition of new faces, but it won’t affect the lead stars of drama. So, the actors who will become part of next season are –

  • Brenton Thwaites will be seen as Richard Dick Grayson.
  • Anna Diop will replicate her role as Koriand’r / Kory Anders.
  • Teagan Croft will play her role as Rachel Roth.
  • Ryan Potter will deliver his role of Garfield (Gar) Logan.
  • Curran Walters will portray the character of Jason Todd / Robin / Red Hood.
  • Conor Leslie will display the character of Donna Troy / Wonder Girl.
  • Minka Kelly will deliver his role of Dawn Granger / Dove.
  • Alan Ritchson will play his role of Hank Hall / Hawk.
  • Esai Morales will be seen as Slade Wilson / Deathstroke
  • Chelsea Zhang will portray the character of Rose Wilson.
  • Joshua Orpin will present the character of Subject 13 / Conner.


How Many Episodes Will Be In Titans Season 3?

Titans Season 3 release date

In last season we enjoyed watching 13 episodes including:

  • Episode 1: Trigon
  • Episode 2: Rose
  • Episode 3: Ghosts
  • Episode 4: Aqualad
  • Episode 5: Deathstroke
  • Episode 6: Conner
  • Episode 7: Bruce Wayne
  • Episode 8: Jericho
  • Episode 9: Atonement
  • Episode 10: Fallen
  • Episode 11: E.L._.O.
  • Episode 12:Faux Haw
  • Episode 13: Nightwing


We don’t have much to tell you regarding this particular topic as creators haven’t made any announcements regarding the episodes of the forthcoming season. But you might have noticed that there were 11 episodes in the first season followed by 13 episodes in the second season. That’s why some fans are predicting that next season will have 11-13 episodes.

Is There Any News Of Titans Season 3 Trailer?


We have already discussed earlier that just a few days back the entire team of Titans has begun shooting for the third season. And if we consider experts, the filming won’t finish before June 2021 and we all know that trailer releases after the completion of filming. So, we have to wait at least for the coming 6 months.

But in between this don’t forget to check the social media accounts of the cast of Titans Season 3 as there you can get some sort of short video clips and images linked to season 3. Also, if you forgot to watch the previous season’s trailer then you can easily view it by clicking on the video embedded above.

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