Dash And Lily Season 2 Release Date

Dash And Lily is a romantic comedy series made by Joe Tracz that follows Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares David Levithan and Rachel Cohn. The drama shows a cute love amid Christmas-disliking Dash and Yule – liking shy Lily. Dash and Lily develop a love for one another prior to their first interaction – via dealing dares, imaginations, and notions in a red notebook that the duo exchange by withdrawing it at the selected areas around New York City.

The beginning edition of drama has performed quite well and has succeeded in creating a positive impact in the minds of viewers. It has scored reasonable 7.5/10 stars on the IMDb while outstanding 100% critics score on Rotten Tomatoes. Now, if the introductory season of the series has done so well then you will surely be enthusiastic to know when Dash and Lily Season 2 is arriving on Netflix. If so, then take a look at a list of developments that can occur in the forthcoming season –

When Will Netflix Announce Dash And Lily Season 2 Release Date?

Dash And Lily Season 2 release date

Dash and Lily season 1 premiered on 10th November on Netflix. The network didn’t release its episodes on a weekly basis pattern, it launched all eight episodes on the same day. Netflix hasn’t commenced Dash and Lily season 2 yet. However, it doesn’t mean that the network won’t renew the series in the future. We have observed that Netflix usually waits for a considerable time to renovate its shows. Some unknown sources have claimed that the drama has been greenlit for the second run.

But no such news has been made by the producers and executives associated with the drama. Since the series hasn’t received orders for the second installment, we can share some anticipations about its release date. According to speculations, the second version can land sometime in November or December 2021. The reason behind this speculation is that it’s a holiday-themed drama, so it can be premiered close to breaks. However, it seems less possible as no progressive details have come out yet.

If Netflix greenlit Dash And Lily Season 2 by the end of the second quarter of 2021 then the version can be released at the beginning of 2022. It’s to be noted that Netflix’s other continuations and holiday releases including The Christmas Chronicles 2 and Princess Switch: Switched Again have launched in two years gaps. So, the premiering date of Dash and Lily season 2 can also be switched as the creators will have to film the entire drama in this COVID-19 situation by adopting all precautionary measures.


How Will Dash And Lily Season 2 Plot Be?

Dash And Lily Season 2 release date

The introductory season concluded on a thrilling note – the duo comes back to the spot where this all begun, The Strand, where the guys were jam for the entire night and fulfilled the Christmas desires of viewers by eventually uniting together. Now, if the show is ready to follow the novel deeply then a good dose of romance as well chain of troubles are waiting for it.

The continuation of The Twelve Days of Dash & Lily occurs a year after the incidents of the first novel when Lily is unable to enjoy Christmas in a way that she generally does due to her grandfather’s bad health. Therefore, she doesn’t waste NYC holidays that she really likes, Dash, as well as his companions, accepts the responsibility to encourage her. It looks that the second season will pick up that exactly, however, it’s unknown whether the drama will plug a year-long break amid novels or not.

That can be surely shown through flashbacks but in another way, we can also get to see a picture of Lily’s fight with depression. It also going to be fascinating to watch how is Dash and Lily’s relationship between private obstacles as well as when nothing is problematic in their life. Dash And Lily Season 2 episodes can possibly probe into Dash and Lily’s own bond, the slow fire that begun drifting amid Sofia and Boomer and navigate on Langston and Benny.

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Who Will Be Part Of Dash And Lily Season 2 Cast?

Dash And Lily Season 2 release date

We don’t have any official details regarding the cast of the second season. However, if we look at the ending of the first season, it seems that nothing surprising will occur in the cast of season 2. More specifically, previous actors will return to replicate their roles in the upcoming season. Trusted sources like Thrillist and Looper are also indicating that lead actors will be back in the second installment. The name of the drama is based on Dash and Lily, so the possibilities of return of these characters are maximum.

Apart from them, other actors like Dante Brown, Boomer, and Keana Marie have played crucial roles in the first season. And we think that the drama won’t go ahead without these main stars. Don’t be amazed if you see new actors in season 2 as writers are known for creating surprising changes in the storyline. According to the latest updates, the actors who can be seen in the Dash And Lily Season 2 are –

  • Austin Abrams will play his role of Dash.
  • Midori Francis will deliver her role of Lily.
  • Dante Brown will be seen as Boomer.
  • Troy Iwata will portray the character of Langston.
  • Keana Marie will display the character of Sofia.
  • Michael Cyril Creighton will present the character of Jeff.
  • Patrick Vaill will play his role as Mark.
  • William Hill will deliver his role of Santa Claus.
  • Leah Kreitz will be seen as Aryn.
  • Ianne Fields Stewart will portray the character of Roberta.
  • James Saito will display the character of Arthur Mori.
  • Gideon Emery will present the character of Adam.
  • Jennifer Ikeda will play his role as Grace.
  • Glenn McCuen will deliver his role of Edgar Thibaud.


How Many Episodes Will Be In Dash And Lily Season 2?

Dash And Lily Season 2 release date

In the first season, we have seen 8 episodes including –

  • Episode 1: Dash
  • Episode 2: Lily
  • Episode 3: Hanukkah
  • Episode 4: Cinderella
  • Episode 5: Sofia & Edgar
  • Episode 6: Christmas Eve
  • Episode 7: Christmas
  • Episode 8: New Year’s Eve

While Netflix is yet to reveal any information about the episodes of the upcoming season, we can anticipate episodes count on the basis of the trend that we have observed in most shows. Nowadays, most series come up with 10 episodes so if Dash and Lily follow this pattern then it will also have 10 episodes.


Is There Any News Of Dash And Lily Season 2 Trailer?


No, Netflix hasn’t launched any video related to the second season. Also, don’t expect these kinds of things until it renews season 2. If any details regarding the commencement of Dash And Lily season 2 arrive we will inform you. Till then you can watch the previous season’s trailer inserted above.

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