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Cursed Season  2 is one of the most awaited series the fans have been looking forward to. Its Season 1 was dropped on Netflix on 17 July 2020. It made its debut with a bang and became popular in such a short period. It is based upon the story of King Arthur and the lady of the lake but with a twist. Well, there is not one story about the lady of the lake but it has multiple versions. One of those versions has been explored in this Cursed Season 1.

Katherine Langford is widely known for her role in the 13 Reasons Why series which is also available on Netflix. She has made her grand entry into the epic character and seized the role of Nimue. The whole story revolves around Nimue and her destiny to become the lady of the lake and finally fulfilling her fate by doing what she is born to accomplish.

In mythology, the lady of the lake plays a minor role in King Arthur’s destiny. However, in Cursed Season 1, the whole story is based on her character and her journey towards the end. As of now, Netflix has released only one season of the show. Due to the pandemic, the series hit a snag but the fans have been waiting a bit too long for the series to resume. Let’s find out in detail what is coming next in Cursed Season 2 and when is it hitting Netflix again?

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Cursed Season 2 – A Path Down The Memory Lane

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At the beginning of the Cursed Season 1, we saw Nimue (Katherine Langford) riding her horse and seeing the character Squirrel (Billy Jenkins) pickpocketing in the market. There somebody calls Nimue a witch and she feels terrible. She then proceeds to pick flowers from the land and one flower starts floating in the air. In the very first episode, we saw that the land is magical and this place is nothing but magic.

Nimue is the girl who can manipulate the flowers, trees, and plants in her surroundings. Nimue’s mother, Lenore (Catherine Walker) blessed Nimue with the Sword of Power, Excalibur. Her mother tasked her with delivering the sword to Merlin. By the end of the Cursed Season 1, she fulfills the promise she made to her mother. Immediately after Merlin receives the sword, the peace gets disrupted.

Finally, multiple battles took place and everybody clashes with each other. A lot of characters were killed, including Father Carden (Peter Mullan) who was killed by Nimue. The final magic takes place as all the characters reveal their hidden identities. However, the most shocking twist was when Nimue died as was shown in the first episode of the Cursed Season 1. Let’s find out more in the upcoming Cursed Season 2.

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Cursed Season 2 Release Date – Renewed Or Cancelled?

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The fans are worried and tensed for Cursed Season 2. Does anybody even know if it’s coming back in 2022 or is it being pushed back again? The series was most likely pushed ahead due to the pandemic that hit the world in the year 2020. That’s why the production of Cursed Season 2 got delayed. It has been speculated that the second part of the Cursed would be released in the second half of the year 2022. Probably, around the same time when the first season of the Cursed was released.

As of now, there has been no official confirmation from the production team regarding the release date of the series. Also, there have been no words regarding whether there would be any Cursed Season 2. However, the fans should not lose hope and we should wait for the news of confirmation or cancellation from Netflix.

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Cursed Season 2 Cast – Who Is Coming Back From The Dead?

Nimue (Katherine Langford) died in the final of the Cursed Season 1. But is she dead? It’s quite impossible to believe that Katherine Langford would have signed up for such a series that would kill her character in Season 1 itself. So, the fans need not worry and wait for the Cursed Season 2 to come on the platform. I’m sure the writers would find any way to revive her character in a quite dramatic way and that would also push the story.

Merlin initially has no power, but he gained all the power after reuniting with the sword. We are going to see him alive and carrying out revenge on everybody in the Cursed Season 2. The Widow died in the finale and Morgana took her body and become the harbinger of death herself. So, we might see or not Morgana in her original form but Widow would be seen again in the Cursed Season 2.

The Weeping Monk’s (Daniel Sharman) true identity was also revealed at the end of the Cursed Season 1. Sister Iris’s identity also revealed her true colors and she came out to be evil. The Squirrel character also revealed his true name and his dream to become a knight. This story would be followed up in the Cursed Season 2. We’ve to wait for the season to come up for the follow-up.

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Cursed Season 2 Plot – What Is Going On In The Writer’s Mind?

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Season 1 hooked us and left us on harbinger of many substantial plots. The finale opened up the door to multiple possibilities explored in the upcoming season. As fans we would always seek for more and the Cursed Season 2 has the potential to break through the ceiling with the bundle of twists and turns.

The death of Nimue turned things around and maybe we’d see how she will come to life again. It’d be interesting to see how would the writers work the plot as the whole series revolves around the Nimue and the sword. Would Merlin go out and see revenge as his daughter was killed?

How the sword of power would come into play? The writer in Season 1 kind of just triggered the adventures of all sorts. However, this opened up the plots and now we can expect a ton of mysteries and adventures in the Cursed Season 2. Let’s see how long would it take the makers to catch up on this magical adventure.

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Cursed Season 2 Trailer – Is It Available Yet?

As of now, the production team has not announced the date of release for the Cursed Season 2. Also, no teaser or trailer has been launched either. Even though there is no official announcement regarding the renewal of the Cursed Season 2. Hence, we can conclude that it has been canceled. However, Katherine Langford said in an interview, “Season 1 was only the beginning of the huge adventure that will be followed in the second season of the show”. However, if revived we should expect it to come by the latter half of the year 2022. Till then you can watch the trailer of the Season 1 of the Cursed,

Cursed is by far one of the most thrilling series. It’s a fantasy-based drama that works around the magic. The story revolves around Nimue and the Sword of the Power. We fell in love with the character of Nimue. It is one of those that we enjoy time and time again. It’s an amazing show and you are not going to lose interest in any part of the first season. If you’ve reached the end of this article that means you love the show. But if you haven’t already watched the show then you should because this one is worth it. You can watch it on Netflix.

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