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Created by Bert V. Royal, Cruel Summer is a thrilling American drama that was released on Freeform on April 20, 2021. Ever since the release of the finale of its first season and the announcement of a renewal, fans have been eagerly awaiting Cruel Summer Season 2.

The good news is that the second season of the series is confirmed but when would this teenage drama make a comeback still stands as a question.

Scroll down and read all the latest information and updates that you might be looking for as a fan of the show –

Cruel Summer Season 2 – Where Has The Show Reached So Far

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Cruel Summer revolves around the story of two girls, Kate Wallis and Jeanette Turner, who are young teenagers. With the backdrop of the Skylin town in Texas, the drama has been set in the early 1990s. The entire first season highlights the same day for three consecutive years, namely 1993, 1994, and 1995.

Kate Wallis and Jeanette Turner are two girls opposite in their personalities and hence, carry different social images. While Kate is popular and loved by all, Jeanette on the other hand falls in the category of a weird and awkward girl who is rejected and secluded by others. Jeanette, a nerd, gets fascinated by Kate’s life and wishes she could be at her place.

Things take a turn when Kate gets abducted by the Vice-Principal of the school and her life and place are apparently taken over by Jeanette in her absence. Kate is found a year after her disappearance and she blames Jeanette for not having saved her or reporting the event even after being a witness to the kidnapping.

This revelation of Kate changes things for Jeanette and she is hated by the entire nation. The entire season is represented with switching points of view between Jeanette and Kate. The series then focuses on law proceedings, shaking families, bondings, and friendships.

Some episodes narrate Jeanette’s side of the story while others being Kate’s version to light. Everybody else, just like spectators, choose their version of the truth and which side to support, adding to the story and taking it forward.

Cruel Summer Season 2 Release Date – When Is It Arriving?

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The first season of Cruel Summer was released in April 2021. It ran for around a month and its last episode premiered in June 2021. What next?

We do have official confirmation from Jessica Biel, the executive producer of the show that Season 2 would be brought to reality. Not just this, there is also a piece of good news for the fans that the second season might be back sooner than they know, that is in 2022 itself.

We cannot give a reliable date or month for the same till it is communicated through official sources. However, if it follows the trend from the previous season and goes by its very title, Cruel Summer Season 2 might be out sometime during the summer of 2022.

Who All Are Rejoining Cruel Summer Season 2 Cast?

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We believe that Cruel Summer Season 2 would take the story forward from the ending of its first season. Going by this, the major roles are expected to be retained by the same cast members from the previous season.

This would mean a return of Chiara Aurelia to retain her role of Jeanette Turner, the nerd. Olivia Holt would also make a comeback as the popular Kate Wallis. Froy Gutierrez is also likely to be back as Jamie Henson, the boyfriend of Kate and even Jeanette after she replaces Kate in her life.

Blake Lee might not be back as the Vice-Principal, Martin Harris because his character met the end. He’d be back only if the plot really needs his presence. We might also get to see Harley Quinn Smith playing Mallory Higgins once again along with Allius Barnes as Vince Fuller.

The return of the kids would also mean a comeback for their parents and we have every reason to believe that the actors would retain these roles.

Depending upon the plot that is chosen for Cruel Summer Season 2, it is possible that the show might make way for new entries as well. From the previous cast members too, who gets roped in and who goes out would depend upon what and who does the story need.

Cruel Summer Season 2 – What All Do We Expect To Happen In The Second Iteration?

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The second season of the series is likely to move forward from where the first season has left. We would attempt to give the least possible spoilers ahead for those who still haven’t watched the first season, folks!

After the chaos and conflict between Kate and Jeanette in the first season, Cruel Summer Season 2 is likely to show if they’ve actually settled the scores and forgiven each other or there is more to come. The real intention and plan of Martin Harris might also be touched.

The mental health of Jeanette is certainly an important topic of discussion. We expect the upcoming season to directly or indirectly throw some light on the same. There are some more questions that we(fiferst) look forward to be answered –

How would the relationship of Kate and Jeanette with Mallory now shape up? What would happen after Kate finds the truth? How would Jeanette deal with whatever she has done or allowed to happen in the past? How would the next dynamics in relationships be like?

We do expect these questions to be answered but in the end, these are all speculations. Let us wait for Cruel Summer Season 2 to discover what really happens!

Cruel Summer Season 2 Trailer – Is It Coming Soon?

The trailer for Cruel Summer Season 2 has not been released yet. As per the present status, we(fiferst) do expect the trailer to be out pretty soon. Our wild guess says that the trailer for the second season would be out around the first couple of months in 2022.

Well, that’s just a guess. Let’s see how right it goes. Till then, here is the trailer for Cruel Summer Season 2 for you to watch and get ready for what is coming your way –

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