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When someone or something makes you wait a lot, you have got to decide whether it is worth the wait. Yes, Fiferst is talking about Code Geass season 3 release date and more about the show. Why? Because hello? It has been over 14 years now! WHERE IS THE THIRD SEASON?

With a sudden boom in the anime-loving generation, we are discovering magnificent shows and anime we didn’t even know have been existing just there! And we’re not just talking about Code Geass, but all the other shows and anime as well.

So, as you’ll go through this article, you will find out how this is an anime with uniqueness and popularity. So, what is the Code Geass season 3 release date? Where can we watch Code Geass? What’s the plot? Whether there is going to be a season 3 not? Fiferst talked about it all in one place.

With that being said, we also got some hilarious anime recommendations for you. So make sure you stay tuned with us till the end of this post!

Code Geass Season 3 Release Date- What Do We Know So Far?

Code Geass Season 3 : Everything you need to know
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Lelouch, the protagonist of the show, is highly optimistic and uses the powers to establish a world where all the morals are according to him.

Can it be true?

While Lelouch has original plans, the White Knight, Suzaku Kururugi, lives to establish a world with justice, a just lifestyle, and honesty. 

That’s what happens in the English dubbed version of this amazing Japanese anime “Code Geass”!

Running since 2006, the show has come a long way. With two successful seasons already in line, viewers cannot wait for the 3rd season. The irony is, they have been waiting for a while now.

So, what do we know about the show? Let’s begin with the ratings.

You can tell Code Geass is a great anime when it has a wonderful rating on IMDb as well. Now that being said, you need to know that the show has an 8.7 stars rating out of 10 stars on both IMDb and MyAnimeList!

Along with that, 94% of users on GOOGLE LIKE THIS SHOW!

The show aired in the first week of October 2006, while the last episode of the show was aired in the last week of September 2008.

Now it has been 14 long years of wait and the anime lovers are still waiting for a season 3 of Code Geass.

Is the wait worth it for this Alternate History genre anime?

What Can Be The Plot of Code Geass Season 3?

Code Geass Season 3: Z of the Recapture Release Date Lelouch's Return - OtakuKart
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With ratings as hilarious as this, with a show as charming as Code Geass Season 3, who wouldn’t want a season 3! We sure do.

Do we have a brief idea about what happens in the show? If not, read through it right now!

Written by Gorō Taniguchi, Ichirō Ōkouchi, the story of the Code Geass chronicles Lelouch Lampeouge. The plot is out of this world! Literally. The show is set in an “alternate world”.

There’s a danger aboard. The Holy Kingdom of Brittania is turning into a superpower and they invade other countries in the world, beginning with Japan.

Japan loses the battle, even though they are the ones who have been fighting the odds for the longest period!

And that is when our protagonist comes into the picture- TO SAVE JAPAN!

What is Code Geass Season 3 Renewal Status?

Code Geass Season 3- expected release date, story line, cast, plot and everything you need to know - Finance Rewind
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Running since 2006, with 2 superhit seasons, here we are talking about Code Geass Season 3 release date and renewal status.

And righteously so. The anime has gotten so much praise on different sites which kind of is an enormous deal.

There is no news of the show being renewed as of now. But for the time being, we can expect the show to be renewed soon now.

To sum up, the current renewal status of Code Geass Season 3 is PENDING.

Who Can Be In The Cast [Characters] of Code Geass Season 3?

Code Geass Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot & Trailer? | Gizmo Story
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As we know, Code Geass Season 3 is an amazing ANIME series, there is no typical “cast” in the show. However, the major characters of the show are sure listed here:

  • Lelouch vi Britannia.
  • Kallen Kouzuki.
  • Suzaku Kururugi.
  • Sayoko Shinozaki.
  • C.C.
  • Nina Einstein.
  • Nunnally Lamperouge.
  • Shirley Fenette.

All of them were voiced by amazingly stunning voice-over artists in both English and Japanese.

What about the Code Geass Season 3 release date, now that the renewal has not been announced?

Let’s see.

What is Code Geass Season 3 Release Date?

Code Geass Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot And Everything Else - JGuru
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The show has not been officially renewed as of now. But looking at the popularity of the show, we are there that the show’s renewal will be here soon.

If it does, Fiferst is predicting the show, the Code Geass Season 3 release date to be towards the end of 2022, while others say the show may be out by the fall of 2022.

We need the show to be out as quickly as we can. But well, there is always so much more going backstage than we can even think of.

So, for now, let’s just say that the Code Geass Season 3 release date is around the end of 2022!

Or, let’s just wait for the announcement of the Code Geass Season 3.

What may come, Fiferst will keep you updated with all the news that there is! So make sure you are tuned in with his webpage because here you’ll find all the latest updates about the Code Geass Season 3 release date!

What are Code Geass Season 3 Trailer Updates?

The renewal for the Code Geass Season 3 is not announced yet. That makes it quite understandable that the production is not in action as of now and no updates are there on the release date of the show.

So, the trailer of the Code Geass Season 3 is not yet released. However, we have the trailer of the CODE GEASS SEASON 2 right here for you to remind you of the thrill and “WOAH!” moments in the show!

Look at the trailer:

Where Can I Watch Code Geass Season 3?

This stunning Japanese anime is available to watch on Netflix.

The Code Geass Season 3 will also be available to watch on Netflix once it is released.

Summing Up | Code Geass Season 3 Release Date

Seems like the production is not quite ready yet for the Code Geass Season 3 release rate right now. Season 3 of the show is not officially renewed as of now, but looking at the popularity of the anime, and how eagerly the viewers are waiting for a season 3, it is a possibility that Fiferst will hear a piece of good news about the renewal soon.

Until the news is aired, check out these other very worthy shows as well!

We’re sure these shows will keep you in your seats!

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