Breathe Into The Shadows

Through the crime web series Breathe Into The Shadows actress Nithya Menen is starting her digital career. Nithya is seen as Abha Sabharwal in the web show Breathe Into The Shadows. The other cast of the web show includes Abhishek Bachchan and Amita Sadh.

On discussion with Nithya Menen shared about her distressed mind because of the procedures of Bollywood. She revealed all this when she signed the web show Breathe Into The Shadows.

Breathe into the shadows season 2

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What Nithya Menen Revealed After Signing Breathe Into The Shadows?

She told “I was getting a little bit tired of the way I was working. Whether it was content or the number of people that were around to logistics to production. I was starting to wonder what to do now. Then this happened. For me, I was excited at the prospect of being able to do what I have always wanted to do as an actor. Be in a space where content is open and free. So as an actor, I suddenly felt really hopeful when this OTT stuff started coming. I was like, ‘Oh there you go. That’s my space! That’s where I would thrive.’”

Presently several stars are starting their digital career to avoid the boundations linked to conventional platforms. Several actors including Nithiya Menen have now become bored with their plot plans and roles in movies that depend on actors to sell passes. Now, movie directors, as well as authors, are experiencing extra liberty on these Platforms.


Nithya included  “It always targets a niche audience and that is what I’ve been thinking about a lot. When it comes to films, we dilute because we target a very large audience. So that’s where something is going wrong. I think everyone should target a niche audience. Then there’s diversity. Everybody gets something they like. The medium itself becomes more enriched and not stagnant.”

The actress also discussed her role in Breathe Into The Shadows. Further, she told  “This character was so surreal in what it expected me to do. It asked me to imagine a situation that was so unique. I had to imagine, ‘What if I had a child, and what if this happened?’ And then I realized none of us know how we are going to react to this. None of us have a clue. I wanted to give a performance that was real. I did not want to give an interpreted performance. I put myself in that intense space.”

With Nithya Menen, Abhishek Bachchan too is starting his digital career from Breath: Into the Shadows.

“Abhishek and me, that’s an unusual pairing. But Mayank said, ‘I always knew you and Abhishek would look fantastic together. Even the difference in you will look fabulous.’ And we felt it as well. Actually, there is some kind of chemistry that works. Our characters look nice together. They look like they belong together. These things are not something you plan; they just happen,” she lastly said.

So, this was all about what Nithya Menen revealed after indulging in the web series Breathe Into the shadows. 

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