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The Night Manager recently debuted on Hotstar, and audiences have found it to be one of the binge-worthy shows.

And if you still haven’t gotten a chance to watch this incredible thriller, simply subscribe to Disney+ Hotstar. If you are somewhere Hotstar is not directly accessible, use a good VPN service, and the rest is relatively straightforward. 

When it comes to Hotstar, The Night Manager is just the tip of the iceberg — the streaming service is riddled with many thrillers, horrors, comedies, and all other genres. 

To get you up to speed, the following CrazyStreamers guide 2023 will highlight Hotstar shows like The Night Manager. 

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Alternatives To The Night Manager On Hotstar –

The dramatic thriller, which has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from audiences and critics, stars Anil Kapoor, Aditya Roy Kapur, and Sobhita Dhulipala. 

If you’ve already watched The Night Manager, you probably want to find shoes similar to these to keep yourself busy and entertained while you wait for part 2 to air. 

This article covers six online series that you can watch on Hotstar as alternatives to The Night Manager. These shows will undoubtedly make up for The Night Manager’s absence.

1. New Life 

The Girl is looking at the man
Source – Kanal D International

Hotstar currently has the Hindi dubbed version of the Turkish thriller New life for viewing. In that, it keeps you wondering what will happen next. 

The show is similar to The Night Manager. It centers on a Special Forces soldier who is out of employment when a police officer approaches him with an offer to be his bodyguard.

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2. Rudra: The Edge of Darkness 

The poster of Rudra series
Source – IMDb

Rudra features Ajay Devgn as DCP Rudra Veer Pratap Singh, AKA Rudra. In the series, Rudra is seen pursuing a suspect and, due to unprecedented circumstances, ends up in the hospital in a deep coma.

After investigating what happened, he is restored to the force, but the time away has left a lasting impression on him. 

Undoubtedly, this is one of the top binge-worthy shows available on Hotstar.

3. Prison Break

The duo is looking at someone
Source – Disney+ Hotstar

It is one of the most lauded binge-worthy shows ever; the story revolves around Michael Scofield, who wants to assist his brother (Lincoln Burrows, who he believes is innocent) in breaking out of jail.

He gets imprisoned in the same prison his brother is locked in for his plan to work. Now, the most interesting thing you will get to see is how they escape from there.

The tale has a lot of suspense; it is relatively comparable to The Night Manager.

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4. Aarya 

Sushmita Sen is consoling the kids
Source – Disney+ Hotstar

In Aarya, we see a strong-willed woman who joins a mafia organization to take revenge on those who killed her husband while also trying to protect her family.

This fictional series stays true to its goal of being a racy, gripping thriller. Recently, the program received a nomination for best drama series at the International Emmy Awards.

5. Human

The duo is discussing something
Source – Disney+ Hotstar

The Night Manager is comparable to another well-known thriller – Human. The series opens one’s eyes to how the medical industry operates. 

It is a medical-based thriller centered on human drug trials in India. It highlights the collateral damage as innocent lives are sacrificed for financial gains due to accelerated drug trials.

Basically, this thriller takes you on an emotional journey as it highlights the dark world of medical fraud and human drug testing.

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6 Hostages

The lady's mouth is tied with cloth
Source – Disney+ Hotstar

Last but not least, the next series we have featured is Hostages, a drama starring Ronit Roy and Tisca Chopra.

In this suspenseful thriller, a doctor is placed in a challenging situation when her family is kidnapped, and the only way to free them requires taking part in the murder of a significant political figure.

We also like to pinpoint that Hostages is based on a true story of three American Missionaries who were kidnapped.

The six alternatives to The Night Manager that we have told you about in this blog are New Life, Rudra: The Edge of Darkness, Prison Break, Aarya, Human, and Hostages. 

All these binge-worthy shows have a massive fandom, just like The Night Manager!

You will find it to be a treat to stream these Night Manager alternatives as they are equally fascinating and full of suspense.

Although Hotstar is geographically restricted in the US, you can use a strong VPN to stream material from the network to avoid problems and interruptions. 

Once signed up for the service, you will be welcomed to a world of content from around the globe. From Hollywood to Bollywood movies and binge-worthy shows to sporting events – you name it, they have it!

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