Bill Gates net worth

Do you want to know Bill Gates Net worth? Bill Gates is the owner of Microsoft. He founded Microsoft with his colleague Paul Allen in 1975. Thereafter, the company became the greatest PC software company in the world.

Bill Gates net worth is around $103.6 billion as of 14th March 2020. Bill Gates is the second wealthiest man globally.

Early Life

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Bill Gates is from Washington, it was where he born on 25 October 1955. He is a son of William H. Gates Sr. and Mary Maxwell Gates. At the age of 13 years old, Bill joined the Lakeside School.

Gates interests were in programming the GE system in BASIC, and therefore he left math classes to follow his passion.

The (CCC) Computer Centre Corporation, ultimately restricted Gates for the summer. As the corporation grabbed him and three friends utilizing bugs within the OS to get free computer time.

The four students asked to seek out bugs in CCC’s software in place for computer time. This is often when Gates began to review coding.

Bill Gates net worth


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When Bill and Paul Allen initiated Microsoft, they had a mission of placing a computer in each home. And at the time, this mission was looking too long to achieve.

But now this vision has become successful in various parts of this universe, personal technology is an integral part of society.

Bill is very much intense about Microsoft’s work and will always be available there to support the company.

Currently, Bill is spending most of his time on the work he and Melinda are delivering thorough their foundation. 

On each side, he gets to compile smart people and co-operate with them to unravel big, tough problems.

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