Best TV Series On Netflix

Netflix is often termed with chilling and enjoying. A number of good tv series can be found on Netflix but we know only a few are best among the good. So here we are with the article that will tell the best tv series on Netflix.

Netflix proved to be a blessing in this pandemic. Not only for the views but also for the filmmakers. We know that the theaters were closed, so Netflix became a medium for the filmmakers to launch their upcoming series and for the viewers, it became the favorite timepass. Here is the list of the best tv series on Netflix.

According to the IMDb ratings and viewer reviews, the best tv series on Netflix are The Umbrella Academy, OutLander, Fargo, The Crown, Cursed, Ozark, Suits, Sex Education, Dark Desire, and The Bold Type.

The movies given above have got good ratings on IMDb that has made them categorized under the best tv series on Netflix.

Best TV Series On Netflix

The best tv series that you shouldn’t miss out, are given below with the story plot, IMDb ratings, and no of seasons available with episodes.

1. The Umbrella Academy

Best TV Series On Netflix- the umbrella academy
Credits: The Verge

The Umbrella Academy is an American Superhero, Science-Fiction, Drama, Fantasy, and Black comedy movie that was created by Steve Blackman. The series is based on the comic book series The Umbrella Academy by Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba. The story is set in the universe where 43 women give birth to children. Out of these 7 were adopted by a rich man and he calls them by number instead of names. 6 out of these 7 were given special training and one was kept at home, unaware of her superpowers. The series is also the best tv series on Netflix and it was produced by Kevin Lafferty, Sneha Kooser, Jamie Neese, Jason Neese, and Ted Miller.

IMDb Ratings: 8.0

No. Of Seasons: 2

No. Of Episodes: 20

Release Date: 15 February 2019

2. Outlander

Best TV Series On Netflix- outlander
Credits: She Knows

Outlander is a historical drama, fictional, adventure, fantasy, and romantic tv series that is based on the novel series Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. The story is about a married nurse who served her country in World War II. The girl finds herself back in Scotland in 1743. The story that makes the series one of the best tv series on Netflix, moves ahead with the nurse who is now a surgeon meeting warrior Jamie Fraser.

The tv series was produced by David Brown, Caitriona Balfe, and Sam Heughan, under the production companies Sony Pictures Television, Left Bank Pictures, Story Mining, and Supply Company, and Tall Ship Productions


IMDb Ratings: 8.4

No. Of Seasons: 5

No. Of Episodes: 67

Release Date: 9 August 2014


3. Fargo

Best TV Series On Netflix- Fargo
Credits: The Boston Globe

Fargo is an American show that can be found on Amazon Prime Video. Talking about the genre of the show, it is an anthology, crime drama, thriller, and full of black comedy. The show was created by Noah Hawley and is based on the film Fargo written by Joel and Ethan Coen. moving to the stories of the seasons, each season is set up in a different era of time and stories are different. Each new season has a new cast and new story that makes the tv series one of the best tv series on Netflix.

The show is produced by Kim Todd, Chad Oakes, Michael Frislev, and Erik Holmberg and is made under the production Companies Nomadic Pictures, 26 Keys Production, The Littlefield Company, Mike Zoss Production, FX Productions, FXP, and MGM Television.

IMDb Ratings: 8.9

No Of Seasons: 4

No of Episodes: 41

Release Date: 15 April 2014


4. The Crown

Best TV Series On Netflix- the crown
Credits: The Economic Times

The Crown is a British History drama film that was created by Peter Morgan. The British TV series is about Queen Elizabeth II and her reign. The series is well written in four parts which make the four seasons the first season depicts the time of the queen’s life when she got married to Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, and the disintegration of the sisters.

The second season covers the time of the Suez crisis and the birth of Prince Edward. Moving to the third season it covers the time from 1964 to 1977 in the queen’s life and the final episode tells about her reign in the 21st century. The plotline and proper presentation of the story with time make it one of the best British TV series in 2021.

IMDb Ratings: 8.7

No. Of Seasons: 4

Total No. Of Episodes: 40

Release Date: 4 November 2016


5. Cursed

Best TV Series On Netflix- cursed
Source: Wikipedia

Cursed is an American Fantasy Drama adventure and action series that premiered on Netflix on 17 July 2020 and became one of the best tv series on Netflix. The series was created by Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler. The story is about a girl whose mother dies and now she is on a voyage of moving forward and killing Red Paladins with her mighty sword. She will become the symbol of courage and rebellion.

The series was produced by Alex Boden under the production companies Arcanum and Frank Miller Ink and was distributed by Netflix.

IMDb Ratings: 8.7

No. Of Seasons: 1

Total No. Of Episodes: 10

Release Date: 17 July 2020

6. Ozark

Best TV Series On Netflix- ozark
Credits: CinemaBlend

Ozark is an American crime drama Thriller series that was created by Bill Dubuque and Mark Williams. The story is about a married couple who try money laundering for their family. The series moves further with both of them moving to the city for the bigger scam this time and finding them entangled with the local mafias of the city. The good storyline of the series makes it one of the best tv series on Netflix.

IMDb Ratings: 8.4

No. Of Seasons: 3

Total No. Of Episodes: 30

Release Date: 21 July 2017


7. Suits

Best TV Series On Netflix- Suits
Credits: Prime Video

Suits is an American legal drama tv show that was created by Aaron Korsh. The series is on the plot where Mike Ross, a college dropout, starts working in the law firm. The story progresses as Mike starts doing his job and keeping his secret away from others.

This best tv series on Netflix was produced by Gene Klein, Gabriel Macht, Patrick J. Adams, and JM Danguilan under the production companies Untitled Korsh Company, Hypnotic Films & Television, Universal Cable Productions, Universal Content Productions, Open 4 Business Productions.

IMDb Ratings: 8.5

No Of Seasons: 9

No of Episodes: 134

Release Date: 23 June 2011


8. Sex Education

Best TV Series On Netflix- Sex education
Credits: The Indian Express

Sex Education is the British Tv show of the genre Comedy, drama, Sex Comey that was created by Laurie Nunn. The story is set up in the United Kingdom and is basically for teens. It is a sex comedy teen drama with two seasons. The great popularity of the show among the teens makes it one of the best tv series on Netflix. The series was produced by Jon Jennings under the production Company Eleven Films.

IMDb Ratings: 8.3

No Of Seasons: 2

No of Episodes: 16

Release Date: 11 January 2019


9. Dark Desire

Best TV Series On Netflix- Dark Desire
Credits: Film Companion

Dark Desire is a Mexican Thriller Drama that was created by Leticia López Margalli. The show is basically in Spanish and the story is about the family where the father is the judge and the mother is the professor at the law school. The good thrilling story of the series makes it one of the best tv series on Netflix.

IMDb Ratings: 6.4

No Of Seasons: 1

No of Episodes: 18

Release Date: 15 July 2020


10. The Bold Type

Best TV Series On Netflix- The Bold Type
Credits: Vulture

The Bold Type is an American comedy-drama that was created by Sarah Watson. The show originated in the United States and is originally in the English Language. The story is about the three millennial women who are employed at a fictional global publication called Scarlet in New York City. The movie is made under Production Companies The District, Sarah Watson Productions, Universal Television and is one of the best tv series on Netflix.

IMDb Ratings: 8.0

No Of Seasons: 4

No of Episodes: 46

Release Date: 20 June 2017


Final Verdict

Now that you are aware of all the best tv series on Netflix. Don’t wait, get your subscription now and start enjoying it. Make your weekend special by watching it with your partner.

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