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Lord of the Flies is one of the greatest novels everyone should read. The novel is penned in simple language, and the plot is not that complex. However, behind the outer simplicity, there is a deep meaning.

Read on to know more about the reasons behind the novel’s success, movies based on the book, and more.

What is Lord of the Flies?

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Lord of the Flies is a 1954 novel by the Nobel Prize-winning British author William Golding. The film adaptation of the book was released in 1963. Both critics and audiences praised the movie. Viewers called it a transcendent experience in accurate filmmaking. Twenty-seven years later, one more movie was released.

Today, the novel’s plot remains an inspiration for many directors worldwide. New movies based on Lord of the flies appear from time to time. Not so long ago, Netflix offered teen supernatural drama The Society. Many people ask what Lord of the flies is based on. And the answer is Golding’s novel.

Netflix Lord of the flies tells about a group of kids who find themselves in a carbon copy of their hometown. But this version of the town has no adults, including their parents. The kids’ carefree, irresponsible early days give way to a far more serious emphasis on the problems of daily existence.

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Why do modern students study and love Lord of the Flies?

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For decades, high school English teachers have assigned William Golding’s Lord of the Flies because of the novel’s insightful examination of human nature and the need for a community to protect its members from the perils of anarchy.

Young people’s thoughts have been haunted by the amazing novel Lord of the Flies for long years. To familiarize yourself with this classic novel and its core themes, find free Lord of the Flies essays if you haven’t already done so. Free essay examples can help you see the story from a different angle and discover new details.

Also, Lord of the Flies essays will be helpful as studying material. You will learn how to write and structure the paper properly.

The plot is nothing but the narrative of a democratic society that slowly but surely gives way to tribalism and dictatorship. Students look at a fictional society formed by people devoted to the rule of law. But later, the characters turn on one other and blame the weak and disenfranchised for their problems.

Ultimately, it serves as a reminder of the human depravity that lies under the thin veneer of decent behavior. Friendship, hatred, fear, and social organization – are also the ideas that permeate the book. Many different topics are capable of igniting a substantial amount of debate. The significance of democracy and the democratic values that guide it is one of them. The reader is aware that if one person is allowed to violate the rules, everyone will want to break the order. 

The novel also deals with the problem of transforming man, as a carrier of civilization, into a savage. These are very topical issues. And fortunately or unfortunately, they will stay relevant forever. The novel was written in 1954 – just nine years after the end of the bloodiest war in human history.

As we know, history repeats itself, and mankind faces the same challenges in the 21st century. The book is so deep that it can be a perfect source for writing research papers, essays, and other assignments. And after all, reading such novels can even make us better people.

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Movies like Lord of the Flies

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If you enjoyed the original book and movie, and want to enjoy something alike, here are a few examples. The first one on the list is the movie “Alive”, released in 1993. The plot tells us about the Uruguayan rugby team who suffered from crash-landing in the snow-swept Andes. They will have no choice but to resort to extreme means to stay alive. 

Similar social and philosophical issues are shown in “The Cure” (1995). The solitary Erik befriends Dexter, an eleven-year-old child living with AIDS, and the two become friends. They solemnly swear to one another that throughout this exciting summer, they would work together to discover a treatment for AIDS and save Dexter’s life. 

One more movie worth watching is Alkitrang dugo (1975). An aircraft carrying a group of young boys and girls from the Philippines crashes. The survivors must find a way to live on an island, dealing with death and social issues.

Several plays, TV series, and movies have been based on William Golding’s Nobel Prize-winning book. The plot centers on a group of preteen boys whose aircraft crashes on an uninhabited island. The guys grow more barbarous as they try to survive the harsh conditions. The problems shown in the novel remain relevant to the present day. That’s why it will surely stay the favorite of many future generations.

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