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The television series adaptation of the famous DC comic character, Batwoman, has completed three seasons and the wait for Batwoman Season 4 has already started. Lovers of the DC world and Gotham city would undoubtedly welcome whatever little or more that can be brought.

Developed by Caroline Dries, the series premiered its first season in the year 2019 for The CW. Its third season has recently released in October 2021. The series started with Kate Kane taking up the duty and role of Batwoman in the absence of Bruce Wayne (Batman), however, with the seasons that followed, many twists and turns changed the shape of the plotline.

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Batwoman Season 4 – About The Show

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The origin of the show can be traced to the DC comics. Taken up from a character that goes by the same name in the DC world, Batwoman has been adapted into a television series that comes in continuation with the Arrowverse. It is centered on the journey of Kate Kane and Ryan Wilder as they struggle, watch over and fight crime in Gotham City.

Season 1 starts with the absence of Bruce Wayne from Gotham City that makes his cousin Kate Kane to figure out that Bruce is ‘Batman.’ Eventually, Kate makes up her mind to walk down the same path and becomes a vigilante herself with the help of her previously acquired skills, Luke Fox and Mary Hamilton. With this, emerges ‘Batwoman’, as the media and the world refer to her. The first season follows Kate’s adventures and discoveries as Batwoman.

The second season reveals that Kate has died in a plane mishap. Ryan Wilder, an ex-con, finds Kate’s suit from the ruins of the crash and decides to suit up as Batwoman with the Batsuit and settle scores with the culprits behind her mother’s demise. With the events that follow, it is revealed that Kate is alive and has been taken up as a hostage. With the aid of Alice, Ryan comes across some hidden truths of her life and past. Throughout the season, there is a quest for some stolen items and the ending reveals their fate.

The third and latest season of the show as of now focuses on Luke Fox and Ryan Wilder as they get on a searching spree for some important missing items. Ryan is forced to take Alice as a consultant in her attempts. She also comes across her biological family members in the process and their histories are disclosed. The end of the third season shows an impact of the Poison Ivy’s plant on one of the characters and leaves scope for the story to continue further.

Batwoman Season 4 – When Is Season 4 Expected To Premiere?

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The first season was aired back in October 2019. It ran for twenty episodes that came to an end in May 2020. This was followed by Season 2 that was released in January 2021 which in turn was followed by the third season that premiered in October 2021.

The wait and expectations for Batwoman Season 4 are going nowhere till it arrives. As of now, no official confirmation has been made about the release of Season 4, and hence, we do not have a release date that we can place our bets on.

However, going by the graph from the past and the time that the previous seasons have taken to come to reality, Batwoman Season 4 should be out sometime in 2022 itself.

Who Comes In and Who Goes Out Of Batwoman Season 4 Cast?

Cast of Batwoman season 4
Source – CW

Since Batwoman is centered around the same basic story that continues and moves forward over different seasons, the major characters are most likely to remain the same.

Javicia Leslie would be back to portray her character as the present Batwoman, Ryan Wilder. Ruby Rose who happened to be the first Batwoman, Kate Kane, would be making an appearance only if the story demands her presence.

Rachel Skarsten would make a comeback as Alice. Camron Lewis is definitely expected to be a part of Batwoman Season 4 as Luke Fox or Batwing. Megan Tandy might also come back. The ex-police police officer, Renee Montoya can also be expected to be back with Victoria Cartagena playing her role. Nicole Kang is also likely to retain her role as Mary Hamilton.

Robin Givens and Nick Creegan are also probably going to return as Jada Jet and her son Marquis Jet respectively. Since it would be a new season, some more characters are expected to join the cast. Let us wait to see ‘Who would be who’ among the new entrants.

Batwoman Season 4 Plot – How Is The Story Going To Be Like In Fourth Outing?

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The third season had a mixed reception from the viewers. However, it surely has left a scope for Batwoman Season 4 to follow and we expect the story to take off from where it has left in the third season.

Towards the end of Season 3, Mary is taken over by the Poison Ivy plant and she behaves as her substitute. She tries to ruin the cure and outsmart Ryan. Luke seals the Batcave to prevent Marquis from inquiring about it.

After Ryan leaves, Marquis steps forward to present himself as the new CEO of Wayne Enterprises before the world and gives his word to maintain happiness in Gotham City. This is watched over by Alice, Sophie, Luke, and Ryan while at the same time, Marie attempts to debut as Poison Ivy as she wears the costume.

It would be interesting to see how Marie acts and what she does next in Batwoman Season 4. The plan, intention, and actions of Marquis would also affect the plot of the fourth season. It is not possible to predict what exactly are the makers planning and what dangers would they put before Ryan, Alice, Luke, Sophie, and others but it surely would be adventurous.

Is The Trailer For Batwoman Season 4 Out?

No, the trailer for Batwoman Season 4 hasn’t been dropped yet. It would take time for the trailer to be out. So, sit back and wait!

Till then, here’s the trailer from Batwoman Season 3 for you to go down memory lane and refresh the story so far –

Some Frequently Asked Questions Related To Batwoman Season 4 –

1. Is Batgirl Cancelled?

No, the show hasn’t been called off yet. The three seasons of the show have already been released successfully while Batwoman season 4 is still in the queue for its official confirmation.

2. How many seasons are there in Batwoman?

There are a total of 3 seasons of the show.

3. What is Batwoman’s real name?

Katherine Kane is the real name of Batwoman in the series.

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