Bandish Bandits review

Are you curious to know prime video’s Bandish Bandits review? Recently Amazon prime video has published a new Indian web series ‘Bandish Bandits’. The web series contains a very charming love tale and it is especially for those people who are looking for something unique theme and plot.

Story Of The Prime Video’s Bandish Bandits?

Actually, all the episodes of the web series are made with a duration of 40 minutes that fluctuates the adventures continuously throughout the web series. On the one hand at Jodhpur, Radhe is taking training of traditional music from her grandfather Pandit Radhe Mohan Rathore(Naseeruddin Shah),

On the other hand, there is Tamanna who is a pop singer from Mumbai and has a large fan base over Social Media platforms. She is in agreement with a music company in which she has to deliver 3 successful tracks, but her 2nd track has been failed to impress the audience.

Now, Tamanna visits Jodhpur to find desi beats but there she converses with Radhe and then there develops love between them. Collaboratively they practice the track but due to the terror of the family, Radhe doesn’t disclose his face in the video track. This all appeals more to the viewers as well as to the music company.

Bandish Bandits review

But when the face of Radhe discloses it open several hidden tales. Now, there is firm character and rules of Pandit Radhe Mohan, there are heirs(Rajesh Tailang and Amit Mistry) who are spending lives below their father’s shades, there is a story of a daughter in law(Sheeba Chaddha) who always gives a meal to others before eating herself.

There is the terror of slipping villa beyond their radar due to loans, coming back of former Maharaj’s family from overseas is a signal to the hidden fact of the commitment of Radhe to Tamanna. Dad’s music by Pandit Radhe Mohan’s son Digvijay(Atul Kulkarni) from 1st wife is a dare to the crown of the king.

Bandish Bandits review

Among all these, there is a cute love tale of Radhe and Tamanna. Bandish Bandits is quite dissimilar from films like Rockstar, Rock On, and Super Star. The music tracks like Sajan Bin, Chedkhaniyaan, Couple goals are really amazing.

The concept of this Bandish Bandits which is based on classical Indian music has arrived after plenty of duration. Music is the main key of this web series, It shows that Shankar-Ehsaan-loy has put their best efforts. Especially the classical music tracks are made very superbly.

Bandish Bandits review

Overall sincere efforts have been put to make the script of the web series appealing. The crucial trials to save their villa and the music family attains growth in a constant way between the love tale of two young people who belong to two distinct musical histories.

On the other hand addition of pop music among all these looks more appealing. Script has been framed in a very well-mannered way due to which director Anand Tiwari comfortably shot the web series. A bit uncomfortable factor about Bandish Bandits is there are some offensive words that have been used during the conversation by the cast.

Performance of the Bandish Bandit Cast 

All the characters have been played by the cast in a superb manner. Either you talk about Ritwik Bhowmik or Shreya Choudhary both have played their role excellently. Rajesh Tailang in the character of son while Sheeba Chaddha in the character of a daughter in law deserves applaud Shriram Ganpati (Cinematographer) has done very great camera work.

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Therefore, If we talk about Bandish Bandits review it has received mixed responses from the viewers.

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