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Balthazar is a French crime series and latest procedural drama that premieres on Acorn TV for United States viewers. It has been one of the best french dramas and was featured in the list of top 10 most rated shows in France. The narrative focuses on a charming, intelligent, and slightly peculiar forensic pathologist, who has some unnatural capabilities. He has an extraordinary talent that helps him in talking to the souls of people who have died. He asks people’s ghosts how they lost their lives and the reasons behind their death.

This talent turns out to be highly helpful when he decodes hard crime cases of France. Created by Clothilde Jamin and Clélia Constantine, the show was premiered on Acorn TV for US viewers in November 2019. Since the beginning season performed well, the network released two more seasons at frequent intervals. The series has earned wonderful 7.6/10 stars on the IMDb. The third iteration premiered last on 8th February 2021. Now, fans are asking what about Balthazar season 4. So, let’s check out what showrunners have decided for the fourth season –

Balthazar Season 4 Release Date: Is It Coming Or Not?

Balthazar Season 4 Cast
Image Credit – Acorn TV

Acorn TV came up with season 3 on 8th February 2020. There was a total of 8 episodes in it. Now, the question is of season 4. Till now, no official details have come regarding the cancellation or renewal of the fourth season. Since season 3 has premiered just a few months back, showrunners will take some more time to finalize their decision for Balthazar season 4.

If you consider our point of view, creators will go for the continuation of the series as it has performed exceptionally well. Also, it’s one of the most viewed dramas on the channel. If Acorn TV gives official orders for making Balthazar season 4 in the upcoming few months, it can arrive by the fall of 2021.

How Will Balthazar Season 4 Plot Be?

Balthazar Season 4 Cast
Image Credit – Acorn TV

The drama introduces us to a brilliant, ingenious, and wise forensic pathologist, Raphaël Balthazar who lives in Paris. He knows how to get answers from corpses and that’s why he is a worthy person to call if there is any mysterious, and puzzling killing case in the town. However, he is disrespectful, naughty, and spends his life disobeying values and protocols. Due to this nature, he generally finds himself in disputes with straightforward police officer HeìleÌne Bach, his companion in all complicated cases.

On the other hand, Balthazar usually remains assured and points out error-free results to fill spaces related to sufferers’ habits and their following demises. With the help of his sharp skills and modern technology, he finds out proof that police didn’t observe at the mishappening spot. Balthazar generally gets so involved in examining sufferers’ past that he often begins talking with them during organizing their necropsy at the mortuary. Concurrently, corpses respond in turn delivering him the required answers.

Although he flirts with Bach, somewhere he is sensitive and often remembers his deceased spouse who got killed 13 years back. He would be consoled if he gets a chance to talk to her privately in his imagination that involves praising her aunt’s courgette jam. While Lise mocks him(in his dream) and rebukes him for forgetting crime spots pictures on the coffee desk. He recalls the time when he was habitual of viewing Miss France drama with his better half which was very special for them.

Now, as he has come across some fresh hints, he is working on a mission to pick out the actual killer. The drama starts by trailing Balthazar and Bach as the duo gear up to decode the murder mystery of a government lawyer and his spouse who were shot at their residence. Fortunately, their daughter survived this incident. Apart from this, there is a matter of a cruel killing of a man whose half mug has dislocated.

Though they all say that the sufferer was among the respected ones, Balthazar has to find out why his corpse was buried far off from his house and many other answers to the questions that are coming to his mind. Thereafter, Balthazar assists a lady in the multiplex who looks injured due to stabbing. But shortly he figures out that the blood which is on her body belongs to another person. So, he returns and discovers another wounded individual and understands that two people suffered the attack.

Bach interrogates their guardians and gets to know that the pair was in deep love. But they get evidence that signifies that the lady was going through depression. Balthazar season 4 will carry on to show a variety of murder cases that will be solved by the pair of Balthazar and Bach.

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Who Will Be Part Of Balthazar Season 4 Cast?

Balthazar Season 4 Cast
Image Credit – Acorn TV

Since season 4 hasn’t been renewed yet, the network hasn’t dropped any clues about its cast. But we have seen in previous seasons that the entire drama revolves around Balthazar and Bach who solve different types of puzzling cases together. So, we don’t think, they will be removed from the series. They will continue to be a part of the show in the future as well. Reliable sources like The Cinemaholic are also hinting that they will be in the fourth iteration.

Apart from them, other actors like Philypa Phoenix, Côme Levin, and Yannig Samot can be seen in Balthazar season 4. There are possibilities that showrunners will add some new stars in season 4. If it happens, we will surely tell you the names of those stars. So, as of now the actors who can be seen on screen in the upcoming season are –

  • Tomer Sisley will play his role of Raphaël Balthazar.
  • Philypa Phoenix will deliver her role as Fatim.
  • Côme Levin will be seen as Eddy.
  • Hélène de Fougerolles will portray the character of Hélène Bach.
  • Yannig Samot will display the character of Jérôme Delgado.
  • Pauline Cheviller will present the character of Lise.
  • Aliocha Itovich will play his role as Antoine Bach.
  • Gabriel Caballero will deliver his role as Hugo Bach.
  • Aminthe Audiard will be seen as Manon Bach.


How Many Episodes Will Be In Balthazar Season 4?

In the third iteration, we have watched 8 episodes including –

  • Episode 1: Paradis perdu
  • Episode 2: Vendredi 13
  • Episode 3: Dos au mur
  • Episode 4: Contre tous
  • Episode 5: Un autre monde
  • Episode 6: L’enfant
  • Episode 7: À la Folie
  • Episode 8: Noces rouges

It’s a bit hard to anticipate the number of episodes of Balthazar season 4 as we haven’t found any symmetry in the number of episodes of earlier premiered seasons. The fourth season is expected to contain 6-10 episodes.

Balthazar Season 4 Trailer: When it is Expected to Arrive?


Since Balthazar season 4 hasn’t renovated yet, we can’t anticipate the release date of the trailer. If Acorn TV renews the fourth iteration in the forthcoming months, we will update you. Till then, you can view the third season’s trailer inserted above.

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