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The positively acclaimed Canadian TV series, Anne With An E has successfully premiered three seasons so far and the wait for Anne With An E Season 4 continues.

Set in the nineteenth century, the show revolves around the story and adventures of Anne, a young girl who has lost both her parents. Created by Moira Walley-Beckett, the series takes its source from Lucy Maud Montgomery’s novel, Anne of Green Gables. The show is certainly an interesting watch with the viewers getting a chance to live with the experiences and expeditions as Anne tries to live afresh on Prince Edward Island.

Anne With An E Season 4 – What Has The Story Been So Far?

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Anne With An E starts with two siblings, Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert looking forward to adopting an orphan boy who can help them with the work on their land of Green Gables. However, when Matthew finds the child, she turns out to be Anne Shirley.

Thirteen-year-old Anne Shirley ends up being an orphan after her parents suddenly disappear one day. She is forced to work as a house help at many places for survival. Anne is smart and spirited. Matthew agrees on taking her up while Marilla has her reservations.

With her unclear background and lack of help that Anne can offer with the field, Marilla is unable to put her faith in Anne. Anne is mistaken to be a thief after some unfortunate events at home and is eventually sent back to the orphanage by Marilla and Matthew.

The orphanage terrifies Anne with the memories of bullying and mistreatment and she finds her way back to the teach station. On the other side, Marilla discovers that she had pre-convinced notions about Anne and Anne isn’t a criminal. This time, Matthew goes and brings Anne back to Green Gables as a part of the Cuthbert family.

Anne With An E deals with many different issues in society that are crucial and testing. It throws light upon mental health, trauma, the struggles of an orphan, gender bias, pressure of expectations, racism, faith and struggle for expression. Anne faces bullying and discrimination even during her college and yet again, tries to fight her way through it all with the values and experiences that she possesses.

Anne With An E Season 4  Release Date – Do We Have A Confirmed Date?

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Anne With An E came up with its first season on March 19, 2017, on CBC. The show also had a Netflix premiere on May 12, 2017. The second and third installments of the show were released on Netflix on July 6, 2018, and January 3, 2020, respectively.

The fans of the show have been waiting for Anne With An E Season 4, however, as of now the fourth installment of the series lies cancelled. Both CBC and Netflix cancelled the fourth season of the show back in 2019. Naturally, expecting a release date when the fate of the show is hanging down a loose and thin thread would be too much of an expectation.

On an optimistic note, even if the makers and the streaming platform sort things out right away and make a decision of giving a nod to Anne With An E Season 4, it would still take at least a couple of years for the plans to be executed. The next season, in any case, cannot be expected before 2023.

Anne With An E Season 4 Cast – The Cast Of The Show!

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If and when Anne With An E Season 4 is decided to be premiered, it is expected to continue with the same cast members retaining the key roles. Amybeth McNulty would once again play the character of Anne, around whom the show majorly revolves.

Geraldine James and R. H. Thomson are going to return as Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert. Lucas Jade Zumann would join the cast as Gilbert Blythe. For Diana Barry, we expect Dalila Bela to be back. Depending upon the plotline of the next season, new entries and guests can also be expected.

Anne With An E Season 4 Plot – What Do We Expect To Happen Next?

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As of now, the status of Anne With An E is that the next installment lies cancelled. Any prediction for the plot of a show that lies cancelled would be too far-fetched an attempt on our part. However, if things would not have been the way they are, we expect that Anne With An E Season 4 would have taken its story forward from the point where it has left in the last installment.

The viewers saw many applicants making it through to get accepted into Queen’s College towards the end of the previous season. Diana passes the test but the consent of her parents lies like a hurdle in her way.

Elijah returns back home after becoming better and reformed and gets the nod of his mother to stay at home. On the other hand, Matthew and Marilla try to figure out Anne’s background and reach up to some information about her parents.

Gilbert denies Winifred while stating that he is in love with another girl, obviously referring to Anne. After a few twists and turns, both Gilbert and Annie realize their mutual feelings for each other and the confession happens. Soon after, Gilbert needs to leave for the University of Toronto while Anne has her next stop at the Queen’s College, however, they promise each other not to lose contact.

Towards the very end, we see Anne writing in a letter addressed to Gilbert that her red hair has come down to her from her mother. Anne With An E Season 4 could have stressed upon the parents of Anne and probably come up with some more details for the viewers. Also, the relationship between Gilbert and Anne would have undergone a testing or transitional phase in the next season.

There are many subplots with other characters like Diana and Elijah that could be taken up and would set a good storyline for Anne With An E Season 4. Let us hope that someday these possibilities are taken into consideration and we(fiferst) do get to see the next season becoming a reality.

Anne With An E Season 4 Trailer – Do We Have An Official Trailer Yet?

The trailer for Anne With An E Season 4 has not been dropped yet. The fans would have to wait for an official confirmation of the renewal and that is certainly going to be followed by a trailer. The series has been cancelled and we(fiferst) cannot, therefore, predict any date or period.

Till the makers decide to grant the wishes of the fans, here’s the trailer from Anne With An E Season 3 to visit and cherish the old lanes yet again –


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