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Waiting for all the news related to the news of Akame Ga Kill Season 2? Well if yes, then you are at the right place as Fiferst is here to tell you about the release of season 2 of this banging anime series.

Akame Ga Kill is a very well-known anime series released by Square Enix’s Monthly Gangan Joker. It started from March 2010 to December 2016. The series was written by Takahiro. The story of this action-dark fantasy revolves around a young villager, Tatsumi, who travels to the capital to earn money for his family.

In the capital city, Takahiro only discovered corruption everywhere. He later discovered a group called Night Raid who enlisted him as they were fighting against the corruption happening in the city. The anime version of the series was aired from July to December 2014 by White Fox studio.

The rest of the article is all that you should know about the cast, plot, release date, and trailer of Akame Ga Kill Season 2.

Akame Ga Kill Season 2 – What Happened In The Previous Season?

Night Raid Group
Source – Square Enix

The story of Akame Ga Kill is about a villager boy, Tatsumi, who traveled through the capital city to earn money along with his two friends Iyeyasu and Sayo. On their to the capital, they faced a bandit attack, and Tatsumi got separated from his two friends. He got taken in by a wise family.

Later they were again attacked by a group named Night Raid attacks, where Tatsumi found out that his wise hosts were actually corrupted and wanted to kill him just like what they did with his friends.

After this incident, Tatsumi decided to join Night Raid Attacks. As he joined the group, the story turned out to be him fighting with a lot of his enemies with many dangerous weapons. After finishing his first mission, Tatsumi was sent on a new mission, to take down Yoko, a relative of the corrupted Prime Minister, who has been kidnapping women and badly abusing them. Tatsumi and Mine succeeded in the mission with great teamwork.

Tatsumi later learned about the history of Imperial Arms and wanted one of his own and his next mission was to take down Zank the Executioner, who loves to cut down people’s heads. As the next mission begins, Sheele took Tatsumi under her wings. He also meets a strange Imperial officer with Leone after running from loan collections.

While fighting with the imperial arms, Sheele and Mine get caught. On the other hand, Tatsumi and Leone were on another mission. After Shelre’s death, the rest of the Night Raid members started figuring out how to defeat Capital’s defenders.

Following the story, two new members, Susanoo and Chelsea joined the Night Raid group and also a new danger arrived who has been eating and killing everyone in sight. While working together on a mission, Tatsumi and Esdeath got teleported into an island where Esdeath shared her life story with Tatsumi. The Night Raid also meets the Four Rakshasa Demons, who are Minister’s personal protectors.

As the empire finished, the child emperor released the ultimate Imperial Arms. The empire got defeated but yet Esdeath was not ready to surrender. The battle ended when the Minister tried to escape.

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Akame Ga Kill Season 2 Release Date – When The Next Season Is Going To Be Released?

an animated character
Source – Square Enix


Akame Ga Kill is surely a must-watch anime series if you are really into dark- fantasy shows. The first season of the show was released from July 7, 2014, to December 15, 2014, with a number of 24 episodes. Fans of this anime series want another season as soon as possible but many people can’t see that happening. 

Akame Ga Kill Season 2 is very doubtful and we can’t say anything sure about it as the ending of the first season was ended with the original ending in the Manga series and it may also require a lot of changes by the production as well. There is also no official information as well about the release date of season 2.

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Akame Ga Kill Season 2 Cast – Whom We Are Going To See In The Next Season?

Akame Ga Kill Season 2 Cast
Source – Square Enix

Since Akame Ga Kill season 2 is probably not coming soon, it is very hard to figure out the cast of the upcoming season. So here is the cast of the previous season of Akame Ga Kill:

  • Sōma Saitō as Tatsumi
  • Sora Amamiya as Akame
  • Yukari Tamura as Mine
  • Yū Asakawa as Leone
  • Mamiko Noto as Sheele
  • Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Lubbock
  • Katsuyuki Konishi as Bulat
  • Risa Mizuno as Najenda
  • Misato Fukuen as Susanoo

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Akame Ga Kill Season 2 Plot – What Will Happen In The Next Season?

an animated character
Source – Netflix


It is very hard to say anything about Akame Ga Kill Season 2’s plot as the season is unlikely. The ending of season one ended with an original ending because of which it is hard for the production to create another season of the show.

If there is going to be any other season of the show in the future, the show will definitely be taken from Manga, as the first season is also taken from Manga itself. In the second season, Akame may try to search for a way to bring back Tatsumi into his human form and also continues her journey for the betterment of the capital.

In brief, season 2 of Akame Ga Kill may not return but there is a possibility of an adaptation of Akame ga Kill! Zero manga but this may not happen soon as well.

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Akame Ga Kill Season 2 Trailer – Is There Any Trailer Out Yet?

As it is very hard to say that the show may have another season as no information is out yet about Akame Ga Kill Season 2. So, linked below is the link to the first season for you all so that you can refresh your memories.

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