How to get bigger biceps

Are you dreaming about how to get bigger biceps like your role model? Don’t worry about it because in this article I’m going to provide the solution to your question of how to make bigger biceps at home. And I want to make you one thing clear that Jim is not the only solution to make bigger biceps. By following a proper diet plan and doing exercises at home you can make strong biceps at home.


Here is the list of Exercises which you can Follow

1. Weight Lifting

How to get bigger biceps

Weight lifting is one of the effective ways to increase your biceps size. Firstly stand properly keeping shoulder straight scale. Now, pick a dumble or any slightly heavy object in your hands. Further lift weight up and down in a proper way.

At the initial level, you can lift weights up and down 10 to 15 times. After 3 – 4 days, you can increase this number. And after 10 – 15 days, you can add more weights to this increase. After 20 – 25 days, you will start getting benefits with the increment in your biceps width.

2. Start performing inclined Weight Lifting

How to get bigger biceps

For doing this exercise firstly sit on any synonym chair at an angle of 45 degrees. Put your feet properly on the ground and then take weight on your hand with complete expanded arms. Now start curling weights from shoulder level to upper.

Perform 6-8 up-downs of this exercise on the initial days of workout. After a week increase the number of up-downs, further after 15 days add some more weight for a faster increase in biceps width.

Further, after the interval of 25 – 30 days, you’ll start observing improved results from this exercise. It is one of the best solutions to the question of how to get bigger biceps at home. 

3. Perform curls by sitting at Bench

Hoe to get bigger biceps

It is one of the productive workout exercises which plays a very vital role in the increasing width of the biceps. Firstly sit at the flat bench then tilt your body slightly forward in a way so that the joint of your right hand lies on the right leg knee. At the same time, your right arm should be properly expanded. Now, curl weights towards your chest while remaining your right knee in the same spot.

You can perform 6-8 curls from both hands by exchanging weights. It will be one of the great options of how to get bigger biceps at home. 

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4. Perform Pull-ups

How to get bigger biceps at home

Pull-ups are one productive exercise that directly increases your biceps width. In the initial days, it will trouble you as it is a bit more difficult but after some days of practice, you will feel no problem.

If you have any pole in your nearby area greater than your height. Firstly Jump and hold it properly with your hand. Now start lifting your body slowly upwards and lift it until your face is above the pole. After this bring your body again to a previous normal position.

Perform 6 – 8 pull-ups on the initial days of your workout. Further, increase the number of pull-ups after each passing day. You’ll start getting benefits of this exercise after consistent practice for about the next 20 – 25 days.


5. Practise Push-ups

How to get bigger biceps at home

Push-ups is in among one the best home exercise for the increment of biceps. Push-ups not only help to enlarge your biceps but also makes your chest strong. Adding push-ups to your workout will be one of the best ways for faster bodybuilding of the body. pushups are one of the effective solutions of how to get bigger biceps at home.  


Workout Strategies:

1. You don’t need to work out daily

Rest is also one of the key factors for the proper building of your body. No doubt regularity is very important but it doesn’t mean working only on a single part of your body. If you want nice results work out for your biceps only two times a week. In the remaining days do exercise for other parts of your body.

2. Train yourself in Limited Duration

Let me clear you one thing that overtraining doesn’t make extra biceps in spite it may lead to cramps in your biceps which in turn will add will add more hurdles to your training durations.

3. Perform all the exercises in the Right Manner

It is one of the most important factors which should be followed for the best results. Many people commit a mistake in doing exercise due to which they don’t the appropriate results. Therefore it is very important to follow the exercise in the right way.

Proper Diet

1. Limit the amount of huge Calorie Foods

How to get bigger biceps

If you are doing an intense workout it is very important to take an energy-rich diet. But at the same time, you have to take calories in a limited amount. Overeating may lead to the development of obesity in your body which may drain all your hard work.

Therefore it is very crucial to intake all vegetables, fruits, and dried fruits in a very proper manner. Also, consume as much water as you can since a workout leads to sweating, and water will prevent your body from dehydration. Water will also help in the smooth functioning of the body.


2. Protein-Rich Diet

How to get bigger biceps

Protein plays a very vital role in the development of muscles. Adding protein-rich food to your diet plan. Drinking protein shakes and eating eggs will be very beneficial to strengthen your muscles.

Consuming greek yogurt, meat, nuts, almonds, Oats, broccoli will be very effective to make your muscles stronger.

So these are some productive ways on how to get bigger biceps at home. Either you talk about weight lifting or push-ups these are practically proved ways to build muscles. If you will follow these workout exercises in the right way they will surely help to strengthen your muscle.

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