Renewable sources of energy

In the present scenario, renewable sources of energy are boosting day by day. These sources of energy can be effective in the future as non-renewable sources of energy are decreasing continuously. When we hear about renewable sources of energy we think they are environment friendly, but we have to understand that not all the sources of energy are environment friendly.

For example Biomass, large hydroelectric dams, Geothermal, Solar energy, etc also have some negative impacts on the environment.

But we have no other option as we are rapidly using non-renewable sources of energy, therefore, they will get finish soon. Though renewable sources of energy have some negative impacts on nature yet they are far better than non-renewable sources of energy because later damages our environment on a very large scale. But before knowing renewable sources of energy let’s know what is renewable energy?


What do you mean by Renewable Energy?

As clear from its name renew means “reestablish”. Renewable energy is those which are derived from naturally occurring sources and can be used again and again. For example – Sun, air, and water are those sources that are available in nature and can be reused as per our requirement.

Renewable Sources Of Energy Can Be Predominately Useful In Four Sectors

  • Electricity Sector
  • Air Sector
  • Water (Cooling & Heating)
  • Transportation Sector

Initially, it was found that renewable sources of energy require a high cost for their proper utilization. But now some innovative techniques have been generated to use these sources of energy at a low cost. Still, major countries of the world are working for proper utilization of these sources so that they can use them at least effective cost.


Non-Renewable Energy

Non-renewable means which cannot be reestablished or reused. These are those sources that cannot be reused or replenished naturally or through by other means. For example – All Fossil Fuels. As per the present consumption of petroleum and diesel, they will finish after 40 – 50 years. And once they will get finish we cannot regenerate them.



Also, these sources are not found in equal quantities among all countries of the world. In some countries, they are found in huge quantity and in remaining parts they are found in either less or no quantity.

These sources of energy are also harmful to humans, animals, and the environment as well. Non-renewable sources are also responsible for global level destruction called global warming. Global warming is referred to as a rise in temperature of the earth due to various harming activities against the environment of earth.

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List of Renewable Sources of Energy :

Renewable Sources of Energy
Source – Google


1. Solar Energy

Renewable Sources of Energy
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People are already utilizing sunlight to grow various types of crops in farming. Almost all the population of the world are using sunlight for their different purposes like drying clothes, warming water, generating electricity, cooking food, etc.

Nowadays people are using solar panels on rooftops of houses to generate electricity for their homes. Solar Sytems are also environment friendly as these energy systems do not release any harmful gases to the atmosphere.

Germany is largest producer of solar power in the world followed by Italy, China and USA.

2. Wind Energy

Renewable Sources of Energy
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Nowadays windmills turbines are also used for the utilization of wind. Earlier only rotating blades of the windmill was used to generate electricity but now large size turbines are used to rotate electric generator which in turn produces electricity.

Wind energy can be used for various kinds. There are also some uses which even you can’t hear about. To be honest I too was unknown about some ways before writing this article.

Transportation, Windsurfing, Sailing, Land sailing, Kite surfing, Kiteboarding, Kitebuggying, Food Production, and Pumping Water are other productive uses of Wind Energy.

China has the biggest wind capacity in the world followed by United States, Germany, India, Spain, United Kingdom and France.


3. Hydroelectricity

Renewable Sources Of Sources
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Hydro stands for ‘water’. Therefore the generation of electricity using water is known as Hydroelectricity. The process of generation of electricity involves the falling of water from a large height to the turbine, the falling water rotates the turbine which in turn generates electricity.

Among all nations of the world china is generating maximum electricity in the world followed by Brazil, Canada, United States, Russia and India. China produces almost 17% of total electricity of the world.

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4. Biomass

Renewable Sources of Energy
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Biomass is an organic waste that is generated from the remains of plants and animals. The production of electricity from biomass involves the burning of biomass which produces steam, steam produced can be further utilized to rotate the turbine which in turn produces electricity.

Major people know that biomass is environment friendly but I want to make it clear that all types of biomass are not the environment. Present science shows that forest biomass generates harmful carbon emissions.

Apart from electricity generation biomass energy can also be used for other purposes like cooking, heating, compost material, etc. It can also be used as liquid fuels for vehicles.

Ethiopia is the largest producer of energy from biomass followed by DR Congo and Tanzania.

5. Geothermal Energy

Renewable Sources of Energy
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The process of generation of electricity by rotating the turbine from the heat released from the earth’s atmosphere due to radioactive decay is known as geothermal power.

The installation of power plants for geothermal power also increases the chances of an earthquake. Therefore these plants should be installed away from people living areas.

Other uses of geothermal energy include hot springs on fish farms, drying crops, and industrial applications.

The largest geothermal power producer of the world is US (United States) followed by Indonesia and Philippines.

So, these are a list of some renewable sources of energy that can be used for different purposes. We can also use these sources of energy at our home to meet requirements. Also If you have any innovative idea you can implement with any of the above sources of energy.

Using Solar panels, smaller wind systems, etc at home will be a very good decision to meet our needs. We have already understood that fossil fuels are finishing fast, therefore using these types of energies to meet our requirements will not only be productive for our country but also for us.

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