Wynonna Judd Net Worth 2022

Singing and music are more or less like hobbies for most people. But not our prospect for today – Wynonna Judd. We are here for Wynonna Judd net worth. But that is not the only thing we have in store for you guys about her. There are so many more things about her you might want to know. And if you’re a big fan of hers, you already might know that.

What other things is Fiferst going to tell you, you ask? Well, that’s something you will discover as you move forward with this article. But it is just mesmerizing how this single lady is so many things. She’s a singer, actor, musician, author, songwriter, philanthropist, and Television producer.

Well, when she is so many things all at once, it is quite interesting how much Wynonna Judd net worth would be. Understandable. So delaying nothing anymore, let’s straight dive into Wynonna Judd net worth and more!

Who is Wynonna Judd?

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We’re here for Wynonna Judd net worth. We should know a little more in-depth about her. Shouldn’t we? Well, that’s a clear yes.

(In case it was a no, you can skip reading this part.)

Moving on…

Remember, we were talking about Ashley Judd just a few days ago and we said she has a half-sister? Well, we didn’t mention a name, and this seems like a good time to do so.

Wynonna Judd is Ashley Judd’s half-sister.

How is that so?

Life is not a cakewalk. And certainly not fair at all times to everyone. Looks like something like that happened to The girls’ mom – Naomi Judd.

Christina Claire Ciminella, also known as Wynonna Judd, was born on the 30th of May in 1964. Her birth place is Ashland in Kentucky.

Her last name is Ciminella because of Michael Ciminella. We’ll discuss more of it in a while. For now, let’s talk about her early life:

Wynonna Judd’s Early Life

The Judd girls - Wynonna, Ashley and Naomi
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When Wynonna was 4, her family shifted to Los Angeles in 1968. In another 4 years, her mother Naomi, and Father, Mr. Ciminella, divorced each other in 1972.

In the next 4 years (by 1976), the mother and daughter moved to Kentucky where Wynonna saw her mother playing country music and got inspired by her. Soon after, she learned how to play guitar and a journey of a lifetime began.

Wynonna Judd was initially given the last name of Michael Ciminella because her mother swiftly wed Michael Ciminella after being deserted by her boyfriend, Charles Jordan. Who was also Judd’s birth father, and Wynonna was given Michael’s last name, Ciminella.

The Judds – On The Top of The Charts | Wynonna Judd Career

Wynonna Judd and Naomi Judd
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In 1979, the mother-daughter pair moved to Nashville, Tennessee to go further in music. And they went by the name “The Judds”.

Cut to the next 4 years, i.e. 1983.

Between the years 1983 and 1991, the mother-daughter pair became a hit. They created 23 hit single songs and the Billboard Hot Country Singles had to list them. Out of the 23 songs, 14 songs we on the No.1!

Not just that, along with 14 number 1 singles, The Judds also recorded In addition, they produced eight studio albums, a Christmas album, and two most significant hits collections.

The numbers look like they’re going up. One proof of that is the sale of over 20 million records all over the world. Besides that, the pair has also won over 60 awards in the industry, 5 Grammy nominations, 9 Country Music Association awards, and 8 Billboard Music Awards.

Until Brooks & Dunn overtook them in the 1990s, they were the biggest-selling perfect combination in country music.

The duo had to take a break when Naomi’s illness asked her to retire before she should in 1991 – which was her retirement tour.

Since then, they have been working together occasionally. They first reunited after her retirement in 1999, then in 2000, and 2010, and then released another album together, known as “I Will Stand By You: The Essential Collection”, in April 2011.

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Wynonna Judd’s Solo Career

After 1991, when Naomi and Wynonna parted ways, she went to pursue music as a solo artist. At the American Music Awards in January 1922, she gave her debut solo performance. It was her first single song – She is His Only Need.

Not to mention the song straight went to the top position on Billboard in 1992 in country singles, including her other three singles of that same album.

Her other works fetched her great fame and awards.

Wynonna released her second album – “Tell Me Why” in the year 1993 and she became the winner of the ACM Female Artist of the year in 1993.

Her third single album, “Revelations”, came out in 1996. The album was platinum selling and took her to The Other Side, her fourth and last album, that was released on the MCA label. It only received a gold certification because of its poor sales performance compared to its first three albums.

Her next albums, songs, and works:

  1. Fifth solo album – New Day Dawning (1999)
  2. Sixth studio album – What the World Needs Now Is Love (2003)
  3. Her Story: Scenes from a lifetime (2005)
  4. Sing: Chapter 1 (2009)
  5. New Single – Love it Out Loud (2011)
  6. New Single – Something You Can’t Live Without (2013)
  7. New Studio Album – Wynonna & The Big Noise (2016)

Career In The Television

The country music artist has been the voice of so many famous animated characters. For example, she has been the voice of Mully Cule from the animated show “The Magic School Bus”.

She also appeared in the Blue Clues in the year 1999 and also appeared as a guest on season 5 of the show Touched By An Angel.

There are so many other appearances beyond mention.

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Wynonna Judd and Her Personal Life

The singer married Arch Kelly – III in the year 1996. Both of them have a son together. His name is Elijah Judd.

In the year 2003, the music artist married her bodyguard D.R. Roach. After 4 years, there was a case against him for the sexual assault of a minor. The child is said to be under 13 years of age.

In the next 5 days of the man’s arrest, she filed for divorce from him.

After a few years, in 2012, the singer married her boyfriend, Cactus Moser. After just 2 months, her husband was severely injured in an accident in South Dakota. His leg had to be removed because of the accident.

Wynonna Judd Net Worth 2022

Now the part we have been waiting for since the very beginning. Wynonna Judd net worth!

As far as many trusted sources go, Wynonna Judd net worth is $25 million. The singer’s monthly income is estimated to be more than $100,000 while making around $2 million in a year.

Summing Up | Wynonna Judd Net Worth 2022

Wynonna Judd net worth is $25 million. Her house is worth around $5 million and is the most lavish and expensive house in Nashville.

This was all for Wynonna Judd net worth. We’ll be back soon with more.

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