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Utopia Falls, a Canadian drama tv-series is created by R.T. Thorne along with the production of Sonar Entertainment. Randall Thorne, a Canadian writer-director who created this futuristic series, is known for working with hip-hop legend Snoop Dogg and Drake. The co-directors for the series are Melanie Orr, Warren P. Sonoda, and Sudz Sutherland.

The drama premiered on February 14 in the year 2020 on Hulu in the United States and on CBC Gem in Canada. Joseph Mallozzi was seen as the showrunner for the show.

It is a blend of science fiction and hip hop with only one season so far. Aliyah, the protagonist – the Exemplary Candidate of the Progress Sector is played by Robyn Alomar. In Utopia Falls, the whole world is divided into four different parts or groups, with different uniforms for each group.

Utopia Falls Season 2 – What Do We Know So Far!

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The series aims at representing the importance of culture and history in the modern world. It is packed with fresh faces and refreshing music. As season 1 received mixed reviews, it made fans of the show wonder if there be season 2 for Utopia Falls or not? But before finding that out, let’s take a walk down memory lane to Season 1.

The series is about a group of extraordinary teenagers whose lives are about to change while they were preparing for a set of competitions. It is set in a dystopian world more than 300 years into the future, where there is a utopian colony called New Babyl, the only Utopian colony in the post-apocalyptic world.

Every year, several teenagers are selected to appear in the Exemplar Entertainment competition to honor the legacy of their founder, Gaia. But one day, one of the members of the group made a discovery that was bound to affect and change all their lives forever.

One of the characters, Aaliyah, accidentally located an artistic heritage, a hidden library– The Archive. The astonished Aaliyah told her fellow campaigners about the place and a question popped into their minds that why the Tribunal had kept the collection of colorful art forms like Rap and Hipsterism- Hop, etc. a secret from them.

While performing hip-hop during the rehearsals, Bohdi got arrested which ultimately led to a rebellion against the Tribunal by all of the Exemplar Candidates. Aliyah, Apollo, Bohdi, and Brooklyn then board on a hunt to uncover if there are more people beyond the shield covering New Babyl.

Aliyah and her group decided to expose the other side of their beautiful colony, the truth, through the medium of competition of dance and music. While Aliyah and her group were on an expedition to unravel the truth, the Phydra Authority was doing whatever they could to stop Aliyah from reaching the depth of truth.

Utopia Falls Season 2 Cast – Who Is Going To Be In Season 2?

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Robyn Alomar was cast as Aliyah, an Exemplar candidate from Progress Sector, and Jeff Teravainen was cast as Gerald, father of Aliyah. Robbie Graham-Kuntz was cast as Tempo, an Exemplar candidate from Progress Sector. Phillip Lewinski was cast as Apollo and Humberly González as Brooklyn, the Exemplar candidates from Industry Sector. Devyn Nekoda was cast as Sage, an Exemplar candidate from Nature Sector.

Akiel Julien was cast as Bohdi and Mickey Nguyen as Mags, the Exemplar candidates from Reform Sector. Kate Drummond was cast as Authority Phydra, the head of security for New Babyl. Sean Baek was cast as Ryden and Raven Dauda as Reia, members of the Tribunal of New Babyl. Snoop Dogg was cast as The Archive (voice).

Alexandra Castillo was cast as Chancellor Diara, the Chancellor of New Babyl. Milton Barnes was cast as Mentor Chapter and Husein Madhavji as Mentor Watts, mentors for The Exemplar. Corteon Moore was cast as Kris and Kyal Legend as Sierra.

Jonathan Langdon was cast as Regget, Stephanie Hood as Nada, Andrew Musselman as Authority Taggart, Dwain Murphy as Moore Times, Brenda Bazinet as Gran Riel, and Diane Johnstone as Gran Chyra, surrogate parents to Sage.

Utopia Falls Season 2 Plot – What Is Going To Happen in Season 2?

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Season 1 seemed in a bit of a rush, the production design can slow down a little and the writers shall focus more on the production design.

Besides this, there is a possibility of more people living in each sector so that part might be carefully built. Aliyah and her group need to watch their back as they are being constantly followed by the Tribunals in aim to fail them in their expedition.

Tribunals major motive behind their secrets, behind hiding the archive – the hidden library might get revealed in Season 2 of Utopia Falls.

Utopia Falls Season 2 – Where Can You Watch This Show?

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Fans can watch the first season of this show on Hulu and CBC Gem. The trailer for the first season is available on YouTube.

Utopia Falls Season 2 Renewed – Is The Tv-Series Renewed For Season 2?

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There has been no official statement for the release date or even the coming of Season 2. But it is said, do not judge the book by its cover, with just around 5.1 ratings out of 10 on IMDb has still made a special place in the hearts of the fans, compelling the creators of Utopia Falls to come with Season 2.

Utopia Falls Season 2 Trailer – Is the Trailer for Season 2 Released Yet?

Unfortunately, no trailer has been released for Utopia Falls season 2.

As there is high demand already for the second season, we would be delighted to know your opinions regarding the first season. You can write in the comment section if you think the first season was up to the potentials?

Till then, you can watch the trailer of season 1…


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