Tisha Campbell Net Worth 2022 - Early Life, Career, Love Life, and More!

With popularity, comes responsibility. But what about money management? Well, that one takes a little practice. C’mon, you already know why we said that. You know we’re talking about Tisha Campbell net worth in 2022!

We have everything lined up for you in this article below about Tisha Campbell’s early life, education, love life, personal life, and of course, Tisha Campbell net worth.

But that is not all, we also have the highlights from the actress, singer, and dancer’s career so that you don’t miss a heat.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s go and read about your favorite celebrity. Just so you know, her life hasn’t been easy. But she’s living it like a rock!

Tisha Campbell – Who’s She?

Tisha Campbell Net Worth 2022 - Early Life, Career, Love Life, and More!
Source – CNN

If you landed accidentally here, and don’t know who Tisha Campbell is, let Fiferst introduce you to her.

Tisha Campbell is one of the United States’ most know actresses, dancers, and singers.

Not just this, she is also known to be very open about her life and all the incidents that have happened to her.

Fiferst thinks that is a great thing to do by a person who is popular and idolized by many.

Now, that being said, let’s hop on to the life journey of Tisha Campbell. Let us get to know about her early life, career, her famous movies and tv shows, her charity, and then finally know about Tisha Campbell net worth!

Let’s begin with her early life and career.

Tisha Campbell’s Early Life, Education, and Career

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source – Netflix

Tisha Campbell (Full name: Tisha Michelle Campbell) was born on the 13th of October in 1968. Her life began in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and then she was raised in Newark, New Jersey.

Tisha Campbell was a student at Newark Arts High School. She is also an alumnus of East Orange.

She has also been to the Washington Academy of Music. It was her parents who motivated her to do music and supported her.

Tisha’s parents had 6 children. She has an elder brother and she is the elder sister of three brothers and a sister.

Tisha Campbell’s acting debut was made in the year 1968 with “Little Shop of Horrors” which was a musical comedy film.

She then starred in NBC’s musical comedy-drama called Riches to Rags which lasted for about 1 year from 1987-1988.

Her other theatrical endeavors are mentioned in the next section.

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Most Famous TV Shows & Movies

As mentioned above, Tisha Campbell has starred in 2 musicals, Little Shop of Horrors and Rags to Riches, 1986 and 1987-88 respectively.

She has also starred in several other movies. A list has been made chronologically for you to see:

  1. Little Shop of Horrors – 1986
  2. Rags to Riches – 1987-88
  3. School Daze – 1988
  4. Rooftops – 1989
  5. Another 28 Hrs. – 1990
  6. House Party – 1990
  7. House Party 2 – 1991
  8. House Party 3 – 1994
  9. Boomerang – 1992
  10. Sprung – 1997

List of Tisha Campbell TV Shows:

  1. Martin (1992-1997)
  2. My Wife and Kids (2001-2005)
  3. Rita Rocks (2008-2009)
  4. The Protector (2011)
  5. Dr. Ken (2015-2017)

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What Is Tisha Campbell’s Relationship Status? | Love and Personal Life

Tisha Campbell Net Worth 2022 - Early Life, Career, Love Life, and More!
Source – US Weekly’

There have been happy moments, and there have been sad ones. Tisha Campbell’s love life is a true picture of that sentence.

Campbell was married to actor Duane Martin in the year 1996. The married life lasted for about 21 years before they filed for divorce after being together for more than 2 decades.

The couple also has 2 sons together.

Fiferst earlier told you that Tisha Campbell has been very vocal about her sufferings and past life. In a talk show in 2014, she revealed that she was raped by a family friend at the mere age of three while he was babysitting her.

She also filed a lawsuit against actor Martin Lawrence on the ground of sexual harassment in January 1997. The lawsuit was settled by April of the same year and they remain friends since then.

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What Is Tisha Campbell Net Worth in 2022?

Tisha Campbell net worth according to celebritynetworth.com is $500,000 (Five hundred thousand dollars).

It is also said that Tisha Campbell’s ex-husband filed for bankruptcy. According to court records, the couple is indebted more than $15 million.

With that much debt, the accumulated assets were of only around $300,000. That much amount was made up of $65,000 worth of real estate and the remaining $248,000 of personal property.

They also own cars from very famous brands such as Rolls Royce and Bentley.

Frequently Asked Questions | Tisha Campbell Net Worth

1. Who is Tisha Campbell in a Relationship with?

Tisha Campbell married Duane Martin in the year 1996. They were married for two decades before the couple went their own separate way.

2. How old was Tisha in Little Shop of Horrors?

Tisha Campbell was 17 years old when she worked in the musical feature film, Little Shop of Horrors.

3. What is Tisha Campbell net worth?

Tisha Campbell net worth is around $500,000 (according to celebritynetworth.com)

Summing Up | Tisha Campbell Net Worth

So, this was all for Tisha Campbell Net Worth. The actress is loved by her fans and Tisha Campbell net worth in 2022 is One Million Dollars ($1 million).

She is not only an actress but also a well know singer and a renowned dancer as well. According to some sources she is in serious debt but there is no actual or concrete news about that.

That’s all about Tisha Campbell net worth, if you found this article useful or want to suggest any changes, let us know through the comments below, if you know a Tisha Campbell fan, don’t forget to share this article with them.

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