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The well-known reality television star, Marlo Hampton came into the limelight with her appearance in the fourth edition of the reality TV show, The Real Housewives of Atlanta. After the fourth season, she has been back on the show on multiple occasions in subsequent editions. Those who have watched the show definitely know her as the source of drama in the episodes that she has been a part of.

There is definitely more to her life than what has been telecasted on the show. Her past life records, fashion statements, and dating rumors have always been among the top subjects of discussion whenever the conversation has been centered around Marlo Hampton.

Also, with her reactions and comments about money and the financial conditions of others, many of the viewers must have been wondering about Marlo Hampton net worth and her income.

Like always, we are here with all the answers to your queries. Scroll down and discover all the juicy and reliable information about Marlo Hampton net worth background, and career. Read on!

Marlo Hampton – Early Life & Relationships

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What is Marlo Hampton net worth? Before knowing the answer to the question let’s first figure out who she is. The real name of Marlo Hampton happens to be Latoya Hutchinson. Yes, as sources have it, like many other artists, Marlo Hampton was her changed name before entering the show. She was born on July 2, 1976, to parents of African-American descent in Florida.

After the age of 9, Hampton stepped into the foster care system and most part of her childhood passed in the same way. She is said to have graduated from First Coast High School and received a bachelor’s degree in Arts from the University of South Florida.

After having completed her education, she worked as a stylist for various brands before joining as a part of RHOA. Let us tell you something special about the lady – Marlo Hampton owns her blog about the fashion world that goes by Isn’t that really cool?!

One of the things that was discussed the most about Marlo Hampton in The Real Housewives of Atlanta is her bonding with her good friend NeNe Leakes. Her relationship with Charles Grant, an NFL player, was also the topic of gossip, and let us remind you that Charles Grant was the ex-boyfriend of NeNe Leakes as well. As it turned out, Marlo Hampton broke up with Grant and the relationship came to an end.

The relationships of Marlo Hampton have highlighted her on multiple occasions. Many claims that her ways of living like a queen have been well-ensured by her rich boyfriends in the past. She has herself admitted to having dated quite rich men in her life. For those who are unaware, Marlo Hampton had once been in a five-year-long relationship with Ted Turner, the man who founded CNN.

Turner helped her with her investments and not just this, he gifted her a house as well. However, despite all the flings or relationships, Marlo Hampton never married or had any kids. However, as confirmed by her in the premiere episode of the twelfth season of RHOA, Marlo Hampton has adopted her two nephews after her sister could not look after them anymore because of mental health issues.

Do you know that Marlo Hampton used to live in Florida? Yes, that is right. As we have already told you, Florida happens to be her hometown. Not all the reactions to Hampton’s participation in The Real Housewives of Atlanta were smooth because apparently, she had multiple charges and cases of arrest on her name in Florida.

Surprised? These cases included aggravated battery, forgery in writing checks, violations of parole, etc. It doesn’t end with mere charges alone. She is also reported to have been arrested seven times between 1999 and the year 2003.

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Marlo Hampton – Career

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Do you want to know which profession contributed the most to Marlo Hampton net worth? She is majorly known for having been a part of The Real Housewives of Atlanta and is famous as an American reality TV star. However, before the telecast of the show, she owned a shop in Atlanta. Going by her own words, her shop catered to wealthy clients with high standards.

In an interview with Jezebel, when she was answering about her made earnings, Marlo Hampton was quoted saying, “I owned a boutique called The Red Carpet Boutique about 10 years ago. The Who’s Who of Atlanta shopped there…. when I closed my boutique, I invested in real estate, and guess what? I’m on the No. 1 reality show, The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and I get paid a cute coin.”

Marlo Hampton also came up with the H.E.R collection, her own wig line. It doesn’t end here. She also owns a business of accessories that goes by the name of Arrie and Emma. As already mentioned, Hampton has her own fashion blog,

She also has her registered website, through which as well, she handles a stable business. Marlo Hampton, therefore, has much more to her name than only being a reality TV personality. She has been a successful businesswoman, fashion stylist, and designer.

Let us add the highlight – Marlo Hampton also happens to be a philanthropist. In 2011, she had set up Glam It Up, inc for making the lives of girls living in foster care easier and better. We definitely applaud her for the initiative!

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Marlo Hampton – Net Worth 2022

Marlo Hampton is smiling
Source – Insider TV

Finally, we have arrived at the section where we will get to about Marlo Hampton net worth. Marlo Hampton happens to have the right mindset for a businesswoman. She has made money as a television personality as well as through her business investments.

As per the reports of Celebrity Net Worth, the net financial worth of Marlo Hampton amounted to approximately $600 thousand in 2018. However, Marlo Hampton net worth in 2022 was updated by Wealthy Genius to be around $2 million.

As per the website, after the taxation process, Hampton earned approximately $2.04 through her career and around $6,50,000 through her investments. After having an estimate of her expenditures, her net financial worth comes out to be approximately $2 million.

This is all that we have got to share about Marlo Hampton as of now. For all the changes and updates in the provided information about Marlo Hampton net worth, keep watching this space and stay in touch with Fiferst.

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