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It’s 2022 running. and if you don’t know who is Dua Lipa, then you probably don’t belong to this generation. She’s the show stopper – not just with her songs, but also with her grace, beauty, and charm!

If you know her, we know why you’re here looking for Dua Lipa net worth. She’s not just a singer/rapper, but she’s also an inspiration to many. Achieving success at an early age and having the tremendous amount of net worth that she has right now – it is a FREAKING BIG DEAL!

Well, without taking a lot of your reading time in the introduction itself, let’s begin with the article!

Who Is Dua Lipa? | A Gist

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Dua Lipa is one of the most renowned faces of 2022. Her song “Levitating” had all of us levitated quite literally. I mean, wouldn’t you agree?

She was born on the 22nd of August in 1995. She was born in London but her origin comes from the current day Kosovo.

The singing in Dua comes with a lot of practice, but also from her genes as her father, Dukagjin Lipa was also the lead vocalist of a Kosovan rock band, Oda.

To discuss her life in more detail, let’s move on to the further sections of the article.

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Dua Lipa’s Early Life

As we said, Dua was born in London, but she’s originally not from there. Her parents, Dukagjin Lipa and Anesa Lipa, started dwelling in London only a few years before she was born.

Dua Lipa’s Education and Career

Dua Lipa Net Worth 2022
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Dua Lipa has gone to Sylvia Young Theatre School for a while before her family moved back to their origin, Kosova, in 2006.

She then went to the Third Millenium School in Pristina and that was when she discovered her interest in music and the Hip Hop genre.

Her career began early. Or… should we say, she started her career early.

It began when she was only 14. She started uploading the YouTube covers of her number 1 artists, one of them being Pink.

Can we say our favorite JB had a role t0 play in it? YES, absolutely.

Well, technically.

It was his famous song, Baby, that motivated Lipa to upload her covers on YouTube, as she was awestruck by how much fame he got just because of YouTube.

It wasn’t late when we found her back in London. When she turned 15, she went back to London, but this time, with a dream. The dream of being a singer.

She stayed with her friend and began studying at Parliament Hill School and on weekends, one might find her back at the Sylvia Young Theatre School.

Making her name in the glamourous music industry in London wasn’t easy – she worked for it! She began making some money by first being a hostess.

Taking a leap, she started working as a model with ASOS marketplace at the age if 16 so that she can make contacts and hopefully meet someone who might help her begin her musical life.

Her contract with music with began in 2015 she got her first contract signed with Warner Music Group.

Some of her all-time hits are:

  1. Be the One (2015)
  2. Last Dance (2016)
  3. Hotter Than Hell (2016)
  4. Blow Your Mind (2016)
  5. Scared To Be Lonely (2017)
  6. New Rules (2017)
  7. High (2018)
  8. One Kiss (2018)
  9. Swan Song (2019)
  10. Don’t Start Now (2019)
  11. Levitating (2020)

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Dua Lipa Boyfriends and Dating Life

Dua Lipa smiling
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As far as we know about Dia Lipa, there are two relationships most talked about. She is said to be in an inconstant relationship with a chef Isaac Carew.

She is said to be dating for three years until finally, in 2019, they broke up.

After that, she since has been in a relationship with Anwar Hadid. He is also the younger brother of the super models Gigi and Bella Hadid.

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Dua Lipa Net Worth 2022

Now the principal topic of why we’re here. To know Dua Lipa net worth. What do you think her net worth might be?

Having won several awards and producing so many hit songs, it is quite obvious that she has a tremendous amount of net worth. But how much? That’s the question. Having done the research, Fiferst can assure you that Dua Lipa net worth 2022 is around $35 million to $40 million.

She currently resides in London in an approximately 6.5 million dollar home which she is planning to renovate.

Her total net worth is a lot and we think that she totally deserves all the fortunes and happiness, and money as she has worked super hard for it.

Summing Up | Dua Lipa Net Worth

The brilliant singer has a net worth of $35-40 million dollars. She’s not just an amazing young lady, but also an inspiration to many other young ladies.

She was also a model and boy oh boy; she made her debut in pop music and stirred it to the core.

Dua Lipa net worth is $35-40 million (Thirty-Five to Forty Million Dollars).

This was all for Dua Lipa net worth. Hope you found this article helpful. If you did, let Fiferst know through the comments below. If you did not, let us know how we can improve.

We’ll see you in the next post about your favorite celebrity. Toddles!

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