Ashley Judd net worth 2022

Are you someone who is searching for Ashley Judd net worth? If yes, then Fiferst has just the right thing for you. Ashley’s life hasn’t been the easiest, but she has fought her battles. And she has fought them well.

From being a model in Japan to an actress and political activist in the USA – she has come a long way and the audience’s curiosity to know Ashley Judd net worth is hence justified.

Below is discussed all about her – including Ashley Judd net worth. Let’s get started.

Who Is Ashley Judd? | Know The Actor

Ashley Judd Net Worth 2022
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Born on April 19, 1908, Ashley Tyrel Ciminella is one of a kind. She might be born in Los Angeles, Naomi Judd, a country music artist, and a marketing analyst primarily reared her in Granada Hills.

Life for the actor has not been easy and kind. She was only 4 years old when her parents got separated.

Her mother got Ashley’s custody, and she was brought to her home state, Kentucky. Ashley’s life in her home state was no less than an adventure. She attended more than 10(13) various schools.

Time passed, and she graduated her high school.

Being the beauty that she is, she worked as a model in the country of Japan for a short period. After a while, she quit modeling in Japan and went ahead with pursuing her higher education at the University of Kentucky.

Her college life was no less than a great ride. She learned and studied so many subjects – one might envy her. She was a student of French, anthropology, art history, theater, and women’s studies.

Currently, a 54-year-old, Ashley Judd after she graduates from the University of Kentucky, moved to Hollywood so that she could study acting.

The Life of Ashley Judd

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Describing one’s life in a few words is not justice. So many lessons, characters, hardships, and whatnot. But facts remain facts. Below is a little summary of Ashley Judd’s life:

  • Full name: Ashley Judd (Ashley Tyrel Ciminella)
  • She was born on April 19th of 1968
  • Place of birth: Los Angeles
  • Her parents divorced when she was 4.
  • Her mother, Naomi Judd took her to Kentucky.
  • Ashley Judd attends 13 different schools in Lexington, Ashland, and Tennessee.
  • After graduating high school, the now actor goes to Japan to pursue life as a model.
  • Soon quits her modeling and comes back closer to her mother and sister.
  • Starts pursuing her graduation from the University of Kentucky.
  • After graduation, she moved to Hollywood to study acting.

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Ashley Judd Movies and TV Shows | Career

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Ashley’s life has truly been a ride to take. Although initially seeking a career in Politics, Ashley’s first role that people noticed was in  Star Trek: The Next Generation.

However she only appeared in 2 episodes of the show, the acting impact she left was indescribable.

After that, she started appearing in more and more TV Shows and even movies later on.

Here is a list of a few movies Ashley Judd has been a part of:

  • Kuffs
  • Ruby in Paradise
  • Natural Born Killers
  • Smoke
  • Heat
  • Norma Jean and Marilyn
  • Where the Heart Is
  • Someone Like You
  • High Crimes
  • Frida
  • De-Lovely
  • Twisted
  • Flypaper
  • Divergent
  • Insurgent

While these roles we still being enacted, Judd also divided her focus on Political Activism. There were so many other acting roles as well. She built her name so well that in the early 2000s she was being offered brand ambassador posts for several cosmetic brands, clothing, and whatnot.

A career in Political Activism

As mentioned above, she diverged her focus on Political activism while also being an actress.

She has been very blunt about her opinions on politics and has supported the democrats all along, Barack Obama being one of them.

She has also openly pointed out her disagreement and criticism of Republican politicians.

It was also announced by Ashley Judd that she will be standing up as a candidate for the senate however, it much did not happen.

Who is Ashley Judd’s Husband | Relationships

Before knowing Ashley Judd net worth, aren’t you interested in her relationships? Well, here it is:

In 1999, Judd started dating the Scottish racing driver Dario Franchitti. They dated for two years and then the duo tied the knot officially in 2001. Thereafter, the couple separated 12 years later.

If you are wondering if she had any children or not, the answer is NO.

Ashley Judd does not have children as she believes in antinatalism.

Ashley Judd New Worth & How Does She Spends It?

Being all that she is, an actress, model, political activist, and former face of several clothing lines and cosmetics lines, Ashley Judd’s net worth(estimated) by September 2022 is $14 million.

She invests mostly in real estate and charitable causes. Her interest in real estate shows in the way her house is. People believe she could have spent more on the house, but little do they know that it was the home where she grew up, formerly owned by her father.

Her charity focuses more on animals, children, racism, the disabled, etc.

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Ashley Judd – Harvey Weinstein Controversy

Ashley Judd accused in 2015 that a guy in the entertainment business had molested her sexually during the shooting of her movie “Kiss the Girl”. It was not until 2017, two years later we found out the person’s name. It was Harvey Weinstein.

In the coming year, the name was revealed, i.e., in 2018, Ashley filed a defamatory lawsuit against Weinstein. He accepted it.

The court case however wasn’t easy. A federal judge discarded her claims to getting sexually assaulted but they didn’t stop her from taking the case further.

In 2019, Ashley confessed that she had had three distinct rapes across the whole of her life.

Summing Up | Ashely Judd’s Net Worth

Ashley Judd is a famous actress, feminist, and political activist. Her life wasn’t easy. But it sure has been interesting.

Growing up with performers has been an advantage in her acting career. She has traveled across the USA and the world. Ashley Judd net worth is something that might shock you.

Having a career of more than 30 years now, Ashley Judd net worth is $14 million. She spends her money mostly on real estate and charitable causes.

This was all for Ashley Judd net worth, for now, we’ll see you soon in other interesting articles. Make sure you bookmark these pages. However, another interesting article is waiting for you down below:

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